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Ordinances 2017

FCO 2017-28 Non-Reverting Fund for Wellness12/29/2017
FCO 2017-27 Ordinance Rescinding FCO 76-112/29/2017
FCO 2017-26 Amending FCO 2006-6 Zoning Ordinance12/29/2017
FCO 2017-24 Grant fund known as The Drug Prosecution Fund11/09/2017
FCO 2017-23 Amending FCO 2016-511/09/2017
FCO 2017-22 Amending of FCO 2006-6 Zoning Ordinance11/09/2017
FCO 2017-21 Establishing the Floyd County Hospital Sale Proceeds Foundation10/18/2017
FCO 2017-20 Amending Ordinance FCO 2016-508/18/2017
FCO 2017-19 Amendment PUD (PD-RS-05 Knob Hill 2)09/06/2017
FCO 2017-18 Amendment PUD (PD-RS-02 Knob Hill)09/06/2017
FCO 2017-15 Non-Reverting Fund for County Commissioners Grant Fund06/30/2017
FCO 2017-14 Amending FCO 2010-3 Road Cut/Right of Way Permit05/03/2017
FCO 2017-13 Amending FCO 2006-6 Zoning05/03/2017
FCO 2017-12 Non-Reverting Fund to be known as the Floyd County Prosecutor State Forfeiture Fund04/19/2017
FCO 2017-11 Title IV Implementation Plan04/06/2017
FCO 2017-10 Ordinance for Moratorium on Telecommunication Zoning Request03/22/2017
FCO 2017-09 Amending the Zoning Ordinance04/06/2017
FCO 2017-08 Amending the Zoning Ordinance Map04/06/2017
FCO 2017-07 Amending FCO 2015-1403/22/2017
FCO 2017-06 Amending FCO 2016-502/08/2017
FCO 2017-05 Floyd Memorial Foundation02/08/2017
FCO 2017-04 Capital Projects02/08/2017
FCO 2017-03 Amending and Repealing Portions of FCO 2016-2502/08/2017
FCO 2017-02 Hospital Trust Fund02/08/2017