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Ordinances 2013

FCO 2013-19 Community Redevelopment Fund07/25/2016
FCO 2013-18 Floyd County Redevelopment Commission07/25/2016
FCO 2013-17 Commissioners Tax Deed Sale Properties07/25/2016
FCO 2013-16 Insurance Spousal Waiver07/25/2016
FCO 2013-15 Animal Control Fees07/25/2016
FCO 2013-14 Amends FCO 2013-X07/25/2016
FCO 2013-12 Redevelopment Commission07/25/2016
FCO 2013-11 Development Plan07/25/2016
FCO 2013-10 Updating CC Districts08/25/2016
FCO 2013-09 Vacation of Public Easement03/18/2016
FCO 2013-08 Amending Personnel Policy (E-Verify)07/25/2016
FCO 2013-07 Travel Policy04/19/2018
FCO 2013-06 PUD-Edwardsville Trace07/25/2016
FCO 2013-05A E911 Fund Procedure07/25/2016
FCO 2013-05 Re-Establishing the Department of EMA07/25/2016
FCO 2013-04 Stormwater Drainage Maintenance Standards & Control07/25/2016
FCO 2013-03 Moratorium New Pain Management Clinics07/25/2016
FCO 2013-02 Creation of GAGIT Fund07/25/2016
FCO 2013-01 County Correction Fund07/25/2016
FCO 2013 Index07/25/2016