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Building Permit Processes

Residential Building Permit Process

To obtain a building permit in Floyd County for a new Single Family Dwelling, Addition, Renovation/Rehab, or Accessory Structure such as garages, pools, etc., please review the following list and submit the required information to the Department of Building and Development Services.  Applications are completed online and require the below listed attachments.

Required Documents:

  1. Applications submitted here:
  2. Health Department Approval or Sewer Tap-in Receipt
    • For New Dwellings: Septic Permit or Sewer Tap-in Receipt
    • For Accessory Structures/Rehabs/Additions: FCHD Site Approval Permit (if septic is on site)
  3. Site Plan Detailing
    • All Property lines & streets
    • Location and size of all existing and proposed structures
    • Setback distances from the proposed structure to property lines and County right-of-way
    • The location of all existing and proposed driveways
    • The location of all drainage, utility, and road easements located on the property
    • Arrows indicating the direction of post-construction water drainage
    • North arrow
      Note: Applications for new single-family dwellings require a site plan from an Indiana Licensed
      Surveyor or Engineer
  4. Copy of Recorded Deed or Purchase Contract
  5. Building Plans Detailing
    • Elevations (front, back, both sides)
    • Wall Section (cross-section), Stairway Detail, Deck Construction Details (if applicable)
    • Door and window detail
    • Foundation Plan
    • Floor Plans for each level of the building
  6. For Manufactured Homes
    • Pictures of HUD Data Plate and Data Label; or Indiana Modular/Mobile Insignia floor plans
    • Pier layout tie-down/anchoring specifications

Paper Submission: To submit a paper permit application, contact the Department of Building and Development at or call 812-981-7611.

Commercial Building Permit Process

Step 1: Development Plan
A development plan is required if development is proposed in the following districts:

  • Highlander Point Gateway District (HP)
  • Edwardsville Gateway District (ED)
  • Residential Urban (RU) including condominiums as defined under Indiana Code (Amended 1)
  • Multi-Family (MF)
  • Neighborhood Commercial (NC)
  • General Commercial (GC)
  • Highway Service (HS)
  • Office-Business (OB)
  • General Industrial (GI)

The purpose of these regulations is to encourage innovative and creative design within the spirit and intent of the Comprehensive Plan and the Floyd County Zoning Ordinance in areas with special characteristics and opportunities. Through development review standards, the community can ensure and maintain its rural character while allowing for higher-intensity uses.

To start the development plan process, please contact Nick Creevy (

For a complete breakdown of the Development Plan Review process, see Floyd County Zoning Code.

For zoning inquiries, go to Elevate, email, or call the Floyd County Building and Development Office at (812) 981-7611.

Step 2: Commercial Design Release from the State of Indiana

Step 3: Floyd County Commercial Building Permit Application on eTRAKiT