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In an effort to clarify the IN.gov online transaction Refund policy this document is being provided to State of Indiana Agencies that process revenue generating services. Online transactions include:

  1. Instant Access transactions paid for by eCheck
  2. Instant Access transactions paid for by Credit Card: Visa™ and/or MasterCard™
  3. Monthly Account subscription holder transactions

Agency Requested Refunds

Any and all requests for online transaction Refunds must be submitted in an Altiris ticket to IN.gov – Customer Service. Requests made via email or telephone will not be processed.

The Agency must designate at least two (2) staff employees who are authorized to request a Refund. For security reasons only authorized designees requests will be processed.

Online transaction Refunds differ based on the transaction type:

  1. Instant Access transactions paid for by eCheck

    IN.gov does not directly process revenue generated by eCheck transactions. Refunds cannot be issued by IN.gov and payment issues are under the providence of the Treasurer of State.

  2. Instant Access transactions paid for by Credit Card: Visa™ and/or MasterCard™

    Customer Service can issue refunds of up to 100% of the transaction amount. An Altiris ticket must be submitted with:

    • date of transaction (not date of payment),
    • name of end user,
    • the transaction order number and/or the last four (4) digits of the Credit Card. For security purposes please only include the last 4 digits of the Credit Card.

    Once issued, the credit can take up to five (5) business days to appear on the end users Credit Card statement.

  3. Monthly Account subscription holder transactions

    Transaction refunds are issued as a credit to the Monthly Account. If payment has been made on the account prior to the credit being issued, the credit balance will remain on the account until such time when the entire credit is applied to transaction charges on the account. Cash refunds will not be issued to Monthly Accounts for credit balances as a result of credits being issued to the account or overpayment by the subscriber.

End User Requested Refunds

If a Refund is requested by an Instant Access or Monthly Account subscription user, Customer Service will only complete the Refund if the transaction in question is a duplicate transaction (same fee and search criteria) occurring within 5 minutes of the original transaction. These Refunds will be transacted without prior approval and/or notification of the Agency.

Credit Card Chargebacks/Returns

Upon notification from the Credit Card company of a Chargeback/Return (end user prompted), IN.gov will research the transaction and contact the credit card user to appeal the Chargeback. All supporting documentation regarding Chargebacks/Returns that are denied appeal are scanned and electronically available from IN.gov.

The Agency is responsible for reconciling transaction revenue Refunded/Returned with the Indiana Office of Technology. A monthly report from IOT will be sent to each agency’s fiscal department for account reconciliation. Office of Technology management will make the final decision in any situations beyond the bounds of this Policy.

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