Adding an I Want To to an Internal Page

  1. Navigate to the Agency’s front page
  2. Select Open I Want To…
  3. Select Manage “I Want” list
  4. The Edit Link Element Menu opens
  5. Select Create and Connect Page
  6. The Content Class Groups Menu opens
  7. In the top Section, select Content Components [GLOBAL]
  8. In the bottom Section, select Link to a Page or URL
  9. The Edit Headline Menu Opens
  10. Insert text of the I Want To into the text box
  11. Select OK
  12. The agency front page reappears
  13. Locate the new link
  14. Select Link to a Page or URL, the red dot with an underscore
  15. The Edit Link Element Menu opens
  16. Select the Reference Page link
  17. The Page Search Menu opens
  18. Search for the page to link to by typing the title in the Headline field, or add more search criteria at the bottom and search by Page ID.
  19. Select Start
  20. The Search Results appear.
  21. After locating the correct page, click the page title.
  22. The front page reappears
  23. See Publishing the Entire Site to publish the changes