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Drug Abuse Symposiums

2020 Indiana Drug Abuse Symposium

The 2020 Indiana Drug Abuse Symposium featured government officials, faith leaders, recovery specialists, law enforcement figures and more - all of whom possess unique perspectives and knowledge but share a common goal: limiting the negative consequences of drugs in Indiana and the United States.

General Sessions

1. Keynote Address: Combatting the Opioid Epidemic from the State’s Perspective Speaker: Leslie Rutledge - Arkansas Attorney General

2. Keynote Address: Ready to Love Me Again Speaker: Jamie Johnson - Founding Member of The Grascals

3. Jail Chemical Addiction Program: Evaluation & Community Impact Speakers: Judge Sally McLaughlin - Dearborn County Superior Court, Tisha Linzy - Dearborn County Court Services, Steve Kelly - Dearborn County Court Services & Southeast IN Community Corrections, Wyatt Sampson - Peer Recovery, Amanda Sampson - Peer Recovery, Allison Howland - Indiana University Institute of Disability & Change

Breakout Sessions

1. Buprenorphine in Opioid Use Disorder & Pain Speaker: Dmitry Arbuck - Indiana Polyclinic

2. Raise Cross-Sector Community Knowledge & Competency in Substance-Use Disorder through Hybrid Educational Strategy Speakers: Justin Phillips - Overdose Lifeline, Inc., Kourtnaye Sturgeon - Overdose Lifeline, Inc.

3. VIRTUAL PRESENTATION HART Hope & Recovery Team: Addressing the Opioid & Substance Use Crisis in a 9-County Area Speakers: Marcia Haaff - The Lutheran Foundation, Elisabeth Andrews-Murray - Parkview Health, Jeff Ripley - Fort Wayne Police Department, Bethany Harper - Lutheran Social Services of Indiana

4. Double Feature
a.) Opioid Stewardship MATters: Addressing Opioid Use Disorder Across the Continuum of Care
b.) Stewards for Surgery: Employing Perioperative Opioid Stewardship Strategies
Speakers: Michelle Brown - Eskenazi Health, Todd Walroth - Eskenazi Health

5. The Methamphetamine Crisis - News from the Front Speaker: Michael Miller - Miller Care Group

6. Quick Response Teams: Engagement, Treatment, & Recovery Speakers: Monica Greer - Hamilton County Council on Alcohol & Other Drugs, Kelly Gunn - Hamilton County Council on Alcohol & Other Drugs, Jim Ginder - Hamilton County Health Department, Ben Wilson - Aspire Indiana Health, Bruce Frost - Carmel Fire Department, Billy Adams - Westfield Police Department

7. Federal E-cigarette Regulation Explained Speaker: Cathy Blume - Indiana Division of Mental Health & Addiction
8. VIRTUAL PRESENTATION Managing Medications: A Pharmacy Perspective on Substance Use Disorder within an Interdisciplinary Primary Care Team Speakers: Brock Davis - HealthLinc-Mishawaka, Elizabeth Shinn - HealthLinc-Michigan City

9. How Faith-Based Organizations are Impacting the Drug Crisis Speakers: Joshua Hershberger - The Daniel Initiative, Charles Neal - Brookside Community Church, Dan Johnson - The New Day Center, Phil Gabriel - Trinity Life Ministry, Colleen Gore - Wheeler Mission, Lisa Hoffman -Wheeler Mission

10. The Legalization of Marijuana - The Impacts Speaker: Dale Quigley - High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) & National Marijuana Initiative (NMI)

11. Opioid Prescribing, Addiction & Opioid Abuse in the US & Indiana Speaker: Dmitry Arbuck - Indiana Polyclinic

12. Treatment of Tobacco Use Disorder in Substance Use Disorder Population Speaker: Carolyn Warner-Greer - Otis R. Bowen Center for Human Services, Inc.

13. School-Based Medicaid Speaker: Senator Andy Zay - Indiana General Assembly

14. VIRTUAL PRESENTATION The Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder Using Medication-Assisted Therapy in the Criminal Justice System Speaker: Carol Ott - Purdue University College of Pharmacy & Eskenazi Health

15. Law Enforcement Officers’ Decision Making at the Scene of a Suspected Drug Overdose: A Qualitative Study Speaker: Meredith Canada - Indiana High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA)

2019 Indiana Drug Abuse Symposium

The 2019 Indiana Drug Abuse Symposium marked 10 years of this event and was titled "A Decade of Impact & How We Move Forward."  Speakers included Indiana Supreme Court Justice Loretta H. Rush, Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Author Alex Berenson and Dr. Wilson Compton.


1. The Criminal Justice System's Role in Combatting the Opioid/Addictions Crisis
Speaker: Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush - Indiana Supreme Court
2. Video Message
Speaker: Senator Todd Young - U.S. Senate
3. The Opioid Epidemic in America Today (presentation not available)
Speaker: Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi


1. Community Inspired Innovations in Mental Health
Speakers: Jessica Pater - Parkview, Connie Kerrigan - Parkview, Marcia Haaf - Lutheran Foundation, Rachel Blakeman - Community Research Institute at Purdue Ft. Wayne
2. Porter County Heroin Response Project (presentation not available)
Speakers: David Reynolds - Porter County Sheriff, Tim Manteuffel - Porter County Sheriff’s Office, Chrissy Vaughan - Porter County Sheriff's Office, David Murray - Porter County Sheriff's Office
3. Quantifying the Emerging Threat for All Stakeholders
Speaker: John Eadie - National Emerging Threats Initiative
4. Youth Prevention Education: A Digital Approach
Speakers: Kaley Esselborn - EVERFI, Chris Lamb - New Castle Career Center, Anita Swaner-Templeton - Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center, Maddy Murphy - Global Partnerships
5. From COT to ROT: Rational Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain
Speaker: Vinayak Belamkar -Witham Health Services
6. Indiana's Drug Overdose Crisis: Utilizing Drug Supply and Demand Data to Create An Early Warning System in Indiana (presentation not available)
Speaker: Meredith Canada - HIDTA
7. Project ECHO for Opioid Use Disorder: Successes, Lessons Learned, and New Initiatives
Speakers from Project Echo for OUD: Kristen Kelley, Kaitlyn Reho, AnyƩ Carson
8. Scott County EMPOWER Youth Coalition: Nothing About Us Without Us
Speakers: Lori Croasdell - Drug Free Communities of Scott County, Byron Holland - Scott County Partership, Members of the Youth Coalition
9. New Beginnings - Monroe County’s 90-Day Re-entry Program
Speakers: Ashley Collins - Centerstone, Samantha Reitz - Centerstone, Susan Allen - Monroe County Circuit Court
10. Innovations in the Allen County Criminal Justice System
Speakers: Hon. Wendy Davis - Allen County Superior Court, Kim Churchward - Allen County, Marcia Haaf - Lutheran Foundation, Eric Zimmerman - Allen County, Tom Allman - Park Center Inc.
11. Opioid Prescribing, Addiction & Abuse in the US and Indiana (presentation not available)
Speaker: Dmitry Arbuck - Indiana Polyclinic
12. Innovative Prevention Approaches for Adolescent Substance Use and Misuse
Speaker: Justin Phillips - Overdose Lifeline
13. MAT: How It Works and How It Helps
Speaker: Claudie Jimenez - CleanSlate Centers
14. Stigma Never Helps
Speakers: Brandon George - Indiana Recovery Council, Jeff Nance - Indiana Recovery Council, Mike Nielsen - Boone County Sheriff
15. Fighting the War on Drugs from the Limestone Battlefield: Legislative Efforts to Tackle Addiction One Session at a Time (presentation not available)
Members of the Indiana General Assembly: Senator Jean Breaux, Senator Andy Zay, Representative Cindy Kirchhofer, Representative Karlee Macer
Moderator: Parvonay Stover - Office of the Indiana Attorney General


1. Video Message
Speaker: Jerome Adams - U.S. Surgeon General
2. The U.S. Opioid Crisis: Science = Solutions
Speaker: Dr. Wilson Compton - National Institute on Drug Abuse Break
3. Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence: What We Know
Speaker: Alex Berenson - Author


1. The Role of Physical Therapy in the Management of Patients With Opioid Abuse Due toChronic Musculoskeletal Pain
Speakers: Guillermo Cutrone - South College Tennessee, Michael Jones - South CollegeTennessee
2. The Intersection of Sex Trafficking, Sex Work, and Drug Abuse
Speaker: Stefanie Jeffers - Grit Into Grace, Inc.
3. Surgical Management of Neuropathic Pain (presentation not available)
Speaker: Albert Lee - Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine
4. Fort Wayne UNITED - Advancing Youth Advocacy (presentation not available)
Speaker: Iric Headley - TenPoint Coalition, Ft.Wayne United
5. Taking a New Approach to Opioid Stewardship: Implementation of an Opioid Stewardship Pharmacist and an Interdisciplinary Oversight Committee
Speakers: Michelle E. Busch - Eskenazi Health, Todd Walroth - Eskenazi Health
6. An Inside View of Addiction, Treatment and Incarceration
Speakers: Christina Kovats - Constructing Our Future, Alicia Brown - Fresh Attitudes for New Success, Brittany Young - Vehicle Service Group
7. Building Solutions for Employers and Job-Seekers
Speaker: Mike Thibideau - Indiana Chamber of Commerce
8. Self-Medication Among Adolescents Who Use Substances: What The Data Can Tell Us About Trauma and Emotional Dysregulation
Speaker: Katie Kivisto - University of Indianapolis
9. Indiana Rural Opioid Consortium: Working Toward Prevention of Opioid Use Disorder and Removing Stigma
Speaker: Amnah Anwar - Indiana Rural Health Association
10. Public Safety Collaboration as a Response to the Heroin/Opioid Epidemic
Speaker: Daniel Meloy - QRT National
11. S.A.M.: Lessons Learned from Marijuana Legalization
Speaker: Luke Niforatos - Smart Approaches to Marijuana (S.A.M.)
12. E-Cigarettes: What Are They and How Are They Impacting Hoosiers
Speakers: Cathy Blume - FSSA, Katelin Rupp - Indiana’s Tobacco Control Program
13. What Works and What Doesn’t In Recidivism: Some Lessons Learned from Evaluating Correctional Programs
Speaker: Edward Latessa - University of Cincinnati
14. EMERGE: Responding to the Re-entry & Recovery Needs of Southeastern Indiana with Data
Speakers: Kelsey Watterson - Centerstone, Melissa Ritter - Centerstone, Ashley Collins - Centerstone

2018 Indiana Drug Abuse Symposium 

The 2018 Indiana Drug Abuse Symposium titled "Targeting Drug Abuse in the Hoosier State" was attended by more than 700 professionals. Speakers included US District Attorney, Josh Minkler and Oscar Santiago Quintos, Federal Attorney General's Office of Mexico.


Program Guide

Powerpoints are accessible by clicking the presentation title.

Day 1 - General Sessions

  1. Darrin Mangiacarne - Addiction Medicine: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  2. US District Attorney Josh Minkler & Greg Westfall - Federal Law Enforcement's Response to Opioids - PowerPoint Not Available

Day 1 - Breakout Sessions

  1. Dmitry Arbuck - Drug Testing in Clinical Practice (Urine/Blood/Saliva/Hair)
  2. Judge Wendy Davis, Marcia Haaff, Beth Lock & Paul Wilson - A New Approach to Serving Justice-Involved Substance Abusers and Addicted in Allen County
  3. Justin Phillips & Kourtnaye Sturgeon - Addressing the Opioid Public Health Crisis - Effective Resources for Communities
  4. Kelsey Bovard - Recovery is Possible - PowerPoint Not Available
  5. Jason Carmin - Criminal Interdiction
  6. Ann Vermilion & Josh Zigler - Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine: Opioid Task Force Promoting Transparency and Data Sharing
  7. Connie Kerrigan, Elisabeth Andrews-Murray - Peer Recovery Coaches: Hope, Support, & Recovery Found in Parkview Health's Emergency Depts.
  8. Maddy Murphy, Kevin Thompson, Stephanie Long, Mary Beth Bonaventura & Kaley Esselborn - Youth Awareness and Education - A Digital Approach to Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention
  9. Palmer MacKie - Finding Ikigai: Integrative Approach to the Person in Pain
  10. Rick Frank & Rob Beatson - Fom the Cartel to a First-time User: Challenges of Drug Prosecution in an Opioid Epidemic
  11. Ron Stevens & Stacey Steele - Community Collaboration - Helping to Decrease the Drug Crisis
  12. Kristen Kelley & Kaitlyn Reho - Project ECHO: Tele-mentoring Program for the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder
  13. Jim Fuller & Marty Cangany - Opioid Substance Use Disorder: A Patient Safety Approach
  14. Shabbir Safdar & Sven Bergmann - Counterfeit Medicine in America 2018
  15. Kristina Johnson - Turning Point Recovery Center - A Successful Alternative to Incarceration
  16. Missy Bowman, Andrew Bowman & Teen Challenge Students - Stay Sharp, Think About It - Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program for Teens

Day 2 - General Sessions

  1. Justice Steven David - Failure Is Not An Option - Collaboration Matters
  2. Oscar Santiago Quintos - Opioid Use, Trafficking and Abuse in Mexico: The Importance of Binational Collaboration

Day 2 - Breakout Sessions

  1. Katrina Norris - Rural Innovations in Addictions Care
  2. Mayor Scott Fadness, Suzanne Clifford, Steve Orusa, Brooke Lawson & Ashley Elrod - Transforming Policies and Partnerships Between Schools, Public Safety, Treatment Providers and Community Leaders
  3. Amy Brinkley & Brandon George - The Peer Led Recovery Movement in Indiana 
  4. Leslie Hulvershorn - What is Happening in the Adolescent Brain During Risk Taking?
  5. Maria P. Hanzlik - The Intersection of Trauma and Substance Use Disorders
  6. Aaron Negangard & Representatives of Dearborn County Courts - Jail Chemical Addiction Program (JCAP) Presentation
  7. Barbara Beaulieu & Amanda Galloway - Preventing Substance Use
  8. Catherine Pittman - The Overlooked Risks of Benzodiazepine Use
  9. Joanna Chambers - Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: The Opioid Epidemic Explained and Treated Through Attachment

Day 2 - Bonus Sessions

  1. Brock Hensley & Aaron Negangard - Safe Drug Handling Class for Law Enforcement
  2. Amy LaHood & Palmer McKie - Safe Opioid Prescribing in the Midst of an Epidemic P. McKie Presentation A. LaHood Presentation

2017 Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium

Over 700 professionals attended the 8th Annual Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium titled "Addressing the Deadliest Crisis in American History". This symposium focused on Access to Treatment and Accountability. Speakers included Tom Gorman from the Rocky Mountain HIDTA and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie


Program Guide

Videos of General Sessions: Day 1 and Day 2

Powerpoints are accessible by clicking the presentations or speaker below.

DAY 1 - General Sessions

  1. Tom Gorman: The Impact of Marijuana Legalization
  2. Boone County & Dearborn County: Jail Chemical Addiction Programs

DAY 1 - Breakouts

  1. Amy LaHood & Palmer MacKie: Medical Professionals’ Obligations to Improve Opioid Safety
  2. Justin Phillips & Savannah Brenneke: An Overview of Overdose Lifeline & Preventure
  3. Shannon Schumacher & Rachel Halleck: Fresh Start: A Holistic, Family –Centered Approach to Residential Addiction Treatment
  4. Peter Furno, Pat McCuffey & Jessaca Turner Stults: The Opioid Crisis: Rethinking the First-Line Approach to Pain
  5. Deb McMahan, Megan Fisher, Marica Haaff, Capt. Kevin Hunger, Judge Wendy Davis: Allen County Drug Task Force
  6. Jay Frederick, Patrick Harrington, John Boyd, Mary Beth Bonaventura: The Effects of the Opioid Crisis on Public Safety
  7. Rodrigo Garcia & Denise Fields: Opioid Addiction on the Workforce
  8. Anne Mary Montero: Psychological Considerations in Care for Patients with Chronic Pain
  9. Jake Nichols: Recovery and the Treatment of Opioid Use Disorder: A Pharmacist’s Perspective
  10. Quintin Chipley & Michael Townsend: Residential Peer-Support Recovery
  11. Tara Benjamin, Brandi Brinkerhoff, Bizz Grimes: What We Wish We Would Have Known About Perinatal Substance Abuse
  12. Judge Jon Cleary, Ron Michaelson, Judge Wendy Davis & April Winfield: Battling the Drug Crisis Behind the Bench

DAY 2 - General Session

  1. Tim Kelly, Eric Davis, Jim Ryser, Nate Harter: The Good, the Bad and the Outcomes of Medicated                        Assisted Treatment

DAY 2 - Breakouts

  1. Karie Morrical-Kline & Aaron Shoemaker: Hospital Opioid Prescribing Policies and Safe and Compassionate Opioid Weaning
  2. Katie Hokanson & Kara Slusser:  How State Agencies are Addressing the Opioid Crisis Through Technology
  3. Darrell Mitchell & Wendy Noe: Recovery Housing in Indiana
  4. Jennifer Lloyd: The Opioid Epidemic – The Many Aspects of Prevention
  5. Nicholas Piotrowski:  Integrated Medication Assisted Treatment with Buprenorphine in Primary Care

2016 Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium

Over 920 professionals registered to attend the 7th Annual Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium titled "Rebuilding the Hoosier Heartland". This symposium focused on prevention in the communities as well as reducing the stigma of addiction increasing access to treatment.

2016 Symposium Agenda

2016 Program Guide

General Session

Victor Antonio Carranca Bourget, Attorney General of the State of Puebla, Mexico - International Efforts to Reduce Heroin Supply

  1. Sheila Wright, Centerstone - Benzodiazepines Use: Navigating Crucial Conversations
  2. Barbara Andraka-Christou, JD, PhD, Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health - Why Are So Few Physicians Treating Addiction? What Can We Do About It?
  3. Stephanie Spoolstra & Alexis Dean, Indiana Department of Correction - Addressing Addiction Behind the Walls
  4. Patti Darbishire, Cynthia Kohl-Knox, Wesley Horner, Alexa Proctor, with Purdue University and Jessica Krug, Office of the the Attorney General, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit - Pharmacists and Student Pharmacists Involvement in Drug Abuse Issues
  5. Keith Vukasinovich, Recovery of Indiana - MAT: Successful Collaboration with Courts & Law Enforcement
  6. Marcia Haaff & Kristina Johnson - Lutheran Foundation - Opioids: What Our Community Needs to Know and Prepare: Healing With Hope
  7. Krista Brucker, MD, IU School of Medicine & Dan O'Donnell, MD, Indiana Emergency Medical Services - Project Point: A New Approach to Improving Care for Patients of Opiate Overdose
  8. Larry Humbert, John Stutsman, Marcia Toler - Treatment Recovery & Reproductive Health Services,. Doesn't It Make Sense?
  9. Greg May, Caleb Barham, Sarah Barham, Centerstone - Coaching for Success: Integration of the Recovery Model and MAT
  10. Michael Wagner, LabPro - Drug Abuse at the Crossroads Between the Living and the Dead
  11. Allison Howland, Nicole Zautra, Megan Benetti, Lori Croasdell - Community Continuum of Supports: A Framework for Community Empowerment
  12. Guilermo Cutrone, PT & Lina Avendano, PT - The Role of Physical Therapy in the Management of Chronic Pain
  13. Randy Evans, LAC, Families First Indiana - How to 10-90 Life: Using REPT Skills in a Recovery Lifestyle
  14. Harry Webb, RPh, & Marc Williamson, Drug Free Fulton County - How Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians Can Curb Indiana's Meth Lab Crisis 
  15. Christopher Abert, Indiana Recovery Alliance - Harm Reduction Works
  16. Jane Bisbee, Indiana Dept of Child Services & John Ellis, MD - Born Dependent:  Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Helping Mom & Baby

Day 2

General Sessions

Mishka Terplan, MD, Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore - Opioids and Pregnancy - Life Course Perspectives
J. David Hawkins, Ph.D., University of Washington - Building Local Capacity to Prevent Prescription & Opiate Drug Abuse

Breakout Sessions

  1. John Ross, Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning & Sara Cozad, Division of Mental Health & Addiction - Recovery Works & the Gold Card Program
  2. Michael Brown, Fort Wayne Fire Dept & Justin Phillips, Overdose Lifeline - Don't Be A Weak Link: Developing a Multidisciplinary Public Safety Nalaxone Program
  3. Amy LaHood, MD, St Vincent Hospital - Teen Substance Abuse; America's #1 Public Health Problem
  4. Tracy Brooks, RPh, Manchester University College of Pharmacy - Managing Acute Pain Patients Suffering from Heroin Addiction & Patient Cases
  5. Tara O'Conner Shelley, Tarleton State University & Donna Wall, RPh, Indiana Board of Pharmacy - Drug Store Cowboys: Pharmacy Robbery and Burglary for Controlled Substances
  6. Leslie Hulvershorn, MD, & Zach Adams,MD, Riley Hospital for Children - Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Treatment: What's the Latest?
  7. Jaya Tripathi, MITRE and Judi Coffey, Monroe County Prosecutor's Office - Drug Monitoring Program Data
  8. Courtney Olcott, Vera Mangrum & Jasynda Radanovich - Identifying and Implementing Effective Prevention Strategies to Combat the Opioid Epidemic - Practical Application in Your Commumity
  9. Darrin Mangiacarne, DO, Fairbanks Hospital - Bad Medicine
  10. Joan Erwin, RN, Centerstone & Deborah McMahan, MD, Allen County Health Commissioner - Community Collaboration & MAT: How Our Community Addressed the Substance Abuse Crisis
  11. Jessica Krug, Jay Frederick & Rodrigo Garcia - How Do We Keep Track of Professionals with Substance Abuse Disorder
  12. Linda Hathaway, McMillen Center for Health Education & Kim Manlove, Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition - It Take A Village: Preventing Substance Abuse Among Youth

2015 Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium

Over 800 professionals participated in the 6th Annual Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium titled "In the Trenches - A Community Approach." This symposium focused on what counties can do to prevent becoming another face of addiction.

2015 Symposium Agenda

Below is a list of the presenters and their presentations.

Day 1

Wilson M. Compton, M.D., M.P.E, Deputy Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse - Opioid Misuse and Addiction: National Priorities

Breakout Sessions

  1. Aaron Willis, PhD(c), AM, LSW, Indiana University School of Social Work - Using Marion County Coroner Data to Inform the Prevention of Opiate Overdose Fatalities
  2. Donna Purviance, DNP, FNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner, Goodman Campbell Brain & Spine - The Nose Knows
  3. Denise Fields, Tess Benham, Tamara Watson - Prescription Drug Impact in the Workplace
  4. Deborah McMahan, MD, Dan Roth, DO, Mark Brooks, Michael Brown, Douglas Call, Marcia Haaff, Kevin Hunter, Kristina Johnson, Connie Kerrigan - Allen Co. Working Together: A Collaborative Approach to Combating Opioid Abuse - Part One, Part Two
  5. Justin Phillips, David Spurgeon, Linda Hathaway - Opioid Prevention Education Strategies Targeting Youth - Part One, Part Two
  6. Abigail Kuzma, Kathleen Bates, Lori Croasdell - Vulnerable Populations and Prescription Drug Abuse
  7. Robert Twillman, Charlie Cichon, Sean Clarkin - Abuse-Deterrent Opioids: The Promise and the Perils
  8. Joan Duwve, MD, MPH, Dan McClain, Brittany Combs, RN, BSN, Kellie Kelley, Erika Chapman, MPH, CPH, CHES - Syringe Exchange Programs: Best Practices
  9. Rodrigo Garcia, CRNA - Catch Me If You Can - Getting into the Mind of a Drug Addict
  10. Don Teater, MD - Prescription Opioids: The Real Story
  11. L. Michael Fields, MD -Renaissance Recovery Program: Coordination of Care and Treatment for NAS
  12. Aaron Negangard, Nick Hermann - Prosecutor Tools for Reducing Recidivism

Day 2

Director Michael Botticelli, Office of National Drug Control Policy - Prescription Drug Misuse and Heroin: The Federal Perspective

Breakout Session 1

  1. Tracy Brooks, R.Ph. - What Pharmacists and Technicians Need to Know to Fight the Opioid Battle
  2. Luke Renner, David Neidert, Kristi Dunigan, Alyssa Price, Vera Mangurm, Lori Croasdell - What's Your Side Effect - Educational Campaign Addressing the Rx Epidemic
  3. Sandra Springer, MD - Prevention of Relapse to Opioid Use as Means to Improve HIV Treatment Options: Preliminary Results of Two Studies of Extended-Release Naltrexone

Breakout Session 2

  1. Darrin Mangiacarne, DO, Andrew Sonderman, MD - Making MATs Work - A Structured Approach to use of Medication Assisted Treatment
  2. Connor Norwood - Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP) in Pharmacy Practice: Improving Clinical Decision-Making and Supporting a Pharmacist's Professional Judgment
  3. Lori Croasdell, Jene Bridgewater - Scott County - Struggle to Strength: Reclaiming Lives; Rebuilding Communities

Dan O'Donnell, MD, Aaron Kochar - Naloxone News: What it Means for the Lay Person & the IMPD Success Story

Breakout Session 3

  1. Nabiha Gill, MD -Pain Management and Opioid Safety Initiative at Indianapolis VA
  2. Ann Vermilion, MBA, FACHE - Rural Hospital Taking Lead in CSR/Opioid Abuse: Education and Successful Outcomes
  3. Patti Darbishire, PharmD, James Young, PharmD, Chris Angel, Ted Cotterill - Medicinal Waste Disposal: Take Back Programs are NOT a Waste of Time

Joan Duwve, MD, MPH, William Cooke, MD, Philip Peters, MD - Scott County: Lessons Learned on Addressing the Unprecedented HIV Outbreak

2014 Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium

Nearly 800 professionals participated in the Indiana Attorney General's 5th Annual Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium titled "Reversing the Tide of Opioid Abuse" to target strategies to more aggressively combat this issue in our state. Attendees were composed of Indiana's health professionals, law enforcement officials, state legislators and other key stakeholders.

Videos from the 2014 symposium are below:

Keynote Speech - Rx Symposium 2014
Keynote Speech: Coady - Rx Symposium 2014
Inspect Indiana Opioid - Rx Symposium 2014
Integrated Mental Health - Rx Symposium 2014
Insider Look - Rx Symposium 2014
The Golden Rule - Rx Symposium 2014
Naloxone - Rx Symposium 2014
Opioid Prescribing - Rx Symposium 2014

Below is the list of the presenters and their PowerPoints. Click here to upload Program Guide.


Law Enforcement Workshop
Matt Whitmire, Director of the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Office of the Attorney General & Gretchen Morris, Detective, Indiana State Police

Clinical Workshop
Palmer MacKie, M.D. , Assistant Professor of the Clinical Medicine at IU School of Medicine
Amy LaHood, M.D., MPH, FAAFP, St. Vincent Residency Program
Gregory Eigner, M.D. FAAFP, Associate Director, Fort Wayne Medical Education Program

Pharmacists Workshop
Paula Bowers, Pharmacist, Walmart Stores, Inc.
Brian McCrate, Pharm.D., BCPS, Clinical Pharmacist of Internal Medicine, University Department of Pharmacy, IU Health


Building the Infrastructure to Stem the Flow of Rx Drugs & Addiction - Jeffrey A. Coady, PsyD, Administrator, SAMHSA Region V

Insider Look at Rx Drug Abuse Within the Healthcare Setting - Rodrigo Garcia, CRNA, M.S., MBA, Director, Parkdale Recovery Center

Integrating Mental Health & Addiction into Primary Care
David W. Crabb, M.D., John B. Hickam Professor and Chairman, Department of Medicine, IU School of Medicine; Chief of Internal Medicine, Eskenazi Health
Julie Vannerson, Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program, IU School of Medicine

NAS – A Cry for Help
Debbie Gloyd, RN BSM, Maternity Services Nurse Manager, Margaret Mary Health
Lacrisha Whitley, RN, Perinatal Educator, Reid Hospital, Mother Baby Care Center

INSPECT - Indiana Opioid Patterns & Behaviors, Eric R. Wright, M.A., PhD., Associate Professor, Sociology & Public Health, Georgia State University

The Golden Rule: Why Urine Drug Monitoring is Good for Everyone
Andrew Trobridge, M.D., Spinal Therapeutics and Diagnostics, American Health Network
Dan Roth, DO, MBA, MS, Co-Owner and Medical Director, Summit Pain Management

Nalaxone: Harm Reduction Program - Dan Bigg, Director of Harm Reduction, Chicago Recovery Alliance

Practical Implementation of the MLB’s Permanent Opioid Prescribing Rules
Palmer MacKie, M.D., Assistant Professor of the Clinical Medicine at IU School of Medicine
Amy LaHood, M.D., MPH, FAAFP, St. Vincent Residency Program

Community Prevention Video Showcase - Below are the videos that were presented at lunch

Healthier Morgan County

Indiana Prevention Resource Center - Mic Spot & Madison

Prevent Child Abuse of Delaware County -Honesty With Your Doctor

Indianapolis Colts - David Thornton, Former Linebacker

2013 Indiana Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium

More than 600 professionals participated in the Indiana Attorney General's 4th Annual Prescription Drug Abuse Symposium to target strategies to more aggressively combat this issue in our state. Attendees were composed of Indiana's health professionals, law enforcement officials, state legislators and other key stakeholders.

Check out the following list of last year's presentations and presenters which includes links to presentation materials:

Brain Disease of Addiction and How to Avoid Iatrogenic Relapse – James D. Ryser, Program Manager, Pain Services at Indiana University Health

A Hidden Epidemic: Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome – Carla Saunders, NNP-BC, Advanced Practice Nurse Coordinator, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Prevention and Prosecution – Joseph T. Rannazzisi, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Diversion Control, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Monitoring: Drug Screening and INSPECT
- Andrea Terrell, Ph.D., DABCC, Chief Scientific Officers, AIT Laboratories
Greg Pachmayr, INSPECT Director, Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

Treatment Program for Juveniles – Geoffrey Gaither, Magistrate, Marion County Superior Court, Juvenile Division

Collaboration and Supervision of Advanced Practice Nurses and Physician Assistants – Anne O’Brien, Associate, Krieg DeVault

Non-Pharmacologic Options for Chronic Non-Terminal Pain Management – Palmer MacKie, M.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Indiana University School of Medicine

Indiana Administrative Rules on Prescribing of Opioids for Chronic Pain Patients and Overview of the Rule Compliance Guide/Indiana Prescriber Toolkit – Deborah McMahan, M.D., Allen County Health Dept & John McGoff, M.D., Medical Licensing Board Member, Indiana State Medical Association Trustee

To view PowerPoint presentations and videos of programs from previous years, please see the links below.