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Data Proficiency - Lesson Three

Lesson 3: Telling Stories with Data Visualizations

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From personal budgets to daily time logs, most people are familiar with spreadsheets that track various data points. When the amount of data becomes overwhelming, charts and graphics, also known as data visualizations, can become helpful in determining the story behind the data.

State agencies, the media, businesses and non-profit organizations all use data visualizations to show the impact and trends data analysis reveals. Here are some of the State of Indiana’s most-visited data visualizations:

Each year, these dashboards have more than 12 million visitors. If you would like to see examples outside of Indiana State Government, visit the examples below.

Extra viewing:

Now that you know more about data visualizations, how do you plan to use your skills? Next month’s lesson will focus on data collection.

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Video from Arizona State University's Study Hall: Data Literacy series.

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