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State Launches Indiana Vehicle Fuel Dashboard

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State of Indiana launches first of its kind vehicle data dashboard

Multi-agency partnership leverages data to accelerate information sharing

A new interactive tool that highlights data and trends in the types of vehicles Hoosiers drive is now available. The Indiana Vehicle Fuel Dashboard is designed to shed light on alternative fueling trends in transportation throughout the state.

Roughly 6.5 million cars, trucks, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles are registered each year in the State of Indiana through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). This tool allows users to see how many are powered by gas, diesel, and electric, among others. In 2018, there were 76,000 electric and electric hybrid vehicles in the state. That number increased to nearly 125,000 by 2022.

“The fuels Hoosiers are choosing for their transportation needs are diversifying,” said Ryan Hadley, Executive Director for the Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED). “The Indiana Vehicle Fuel Dashboard puts the data directly in the hands of citizens and businesses to see how vehicle adoption trends has and will continue to change.”

In addition to electric, other alternative fuels include ethanol, propane, compressed natural gas, and hydrogen. The Dashboard allows users to filter by county, fuel type, and type of vehicle.

"The BMV has heard from a number of Hoosiers they want to see this type of data and we are glad to work with key partners to provide the information,” noted Joe Hoage, Commissioner of the Indiana BMV. “The dashboard creates an insightful view of vehicles registered in Indiana. The efficiency it provides will serve many looking to utilize this data both in and outside of Indiana."

The Indiana Vehicle Fuel Dashboard was developed in collaboration with Indiana Office of Energy Development (OED), Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), and Indiana Management Performance Hub (MPH) with support from Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

“The Indiana Management Performance Hub is always excited to tackle Indiana’s complex problems by bringing the right data to the right people for the right mission,” Indiana Chief Data Officer Josh Martin said. Martin also serves as the Executive Director at MPH. “This dashboard is another example of how MPH is helping the State use the best tools and technologies to analyze and visualize data to create sufficient information for intelligent public policy.”

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Indiana Management Performance Hub
Jeff Mullins, Communications Director

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