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Nursing Division

The Porter County Health Department is offering Naloxone Kits free of charge! Please call one of our offices to schedule an appointment.


The Nursing Division of the Porter County Health Department's mission is to promote, protect, and provide for the public health of the people of our community.

Services & Programs

The Nursing Division promotes and protects the health and well-being of our community through a variety of services and programs. Some of our services include:

**Please note- Only the custodial parent(s) or legal guardian can obtain shot records for children. Patient must have received vaccines from the Porter County Health Department in order for us to provide shot records. Identification is required of person making the request. A copy of driver’s license or state ID needs to be included with all requests.**

Presentations on a variety of topics can be scheduled for any school, workplace, church, organization, club, or group in Porter County upon request.