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Not-For-Profit Organizations

Under the definition of the term "food establishment", a not-for-profit group (501 tax-exempt status), is defined as either being or not being a food establishment. If an organization is not a food establishment, it is not subject to the requirements in the Indiana Retail Food Sanitation Requirements and, therefore, not subject to permitting and inspection requirements. Unregulated food vendors should follow food safety and sanitation guidelines to avoid the potential for foodborne illness. If a not-for-profit group meets the definition of a "food establishment", such as when they are operating in a restaurant or cafeteria setting with an extensive menu; or are operating as a civic, fraternal, veterans, or charitable organization operating more than 15 days per year, the organization would be subject to compliance with the Indiana Retail Food Sanitation Requirements 410 IAC 7-24 (PDF) and any food permitting and inspection requirements. Not-For-Profit organizations are not charged a food permit fee in Porter County.