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Well Drilling Services

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Water lists well-drilling services in a particular manner. The services are listed below, with abbreviations first:

  • DEW - de-watering
  • DWS - domestic (home) water supply
  • ENV - environmental / geophysical / geotechnical
  • HP - heat pumps and geothermal systems, when this is the sole activity in Indiana (several Indiana contractors have added geothermal drilling to their established well installation services; inquire locally.)
  • IC - industrial/commercial water supply
  • ICM - industrial/commercial and municipal water supply
  • IRR - irrigation
  • Other - Plugging, equipment and supplies, inspection, consulting, research, etc.
  • Pumps - pump installation (contractor drills few wells or none)
  • WS - water supply, use not specified (code for known and probable water supply contractors that did not return the profile)