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Periodic Review of Basic Rates & Charges

Under Indiana Code § 8-1-2-42.5(a), the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (Commission) shall require a regularly scheduled periodic review, at least once every four years, of the basic rates and charges of all public, municipally owned, and cooperatively owned utilities, except those utilities characterized as “small utilities” by Indiana Code § 8-1-2-61.5.

In 2017, Indiana Code § 8-1-2-42.5(a) was amended by Senate Enrolled Act 309 to require the Commission to make the results of the most recent periodic review of the basic rates and charges of an electricity supplier available for public inspection by posting a summary of the results on the Commission’s website.

In January 2018, the Commission approved a General Administrative Order, GAO 2018-1, which includes an updated implementation procedure for the periodic review of electric, natural gas, water, and wastewater utilities. The procedure includes a Level 1 review, which is based on information included in the utility’s most recent annual report, and, if necessary, a Level 2 review, which includes the collection of data and information beyond that contained in the utility’s most recent annual report. More information about the implementation process and the details of Level 1 and Level 2 review can be found in the Commission’s GAO 2018-1 here.

The most recently completed periodic review was completed for the year 2021; the summary memos for these reviews can be found below, as well as the specific utilities' forms.

Page last updated March 17, 2023

2020 Periodic Review Memos and Forms