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Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication is Changing

The Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) is changing the security to your user account. This means that the extra verification step used to login to Office 365, for example, is changing. Other services will eventually be impacted moving forward.

Register for the new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

You complete the sign-up process using the existing credentials (username and password) that you use to login today. If you have multiple accounts, such as an elevated or admin account, you will need to complete this process for each account.

After you register, you will be able to add a safe and secure two-step verification method for your online credentials using either a phone call or a mobile authenticator app on your smart phone.


Multi-factor Authentication with Mobile Authenticator app

Multi-factor Authentication with Phone

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Old System Instructions
Note: Microsoft has eliminated the ability to use a text message to complete a multi-factor authentication.

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