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IOT Billing

The Indiana Office of Technology (IOT) collects billing data from several resources. All billing information is due to IOT’s Billing Team by the end of business on the 23rd of each month.  The billing team processes the data and runs preliminary reports to confirm that there are no large discrepancies in the amount that is billed at a product code level.

Once IOT’s Billing Manager reviews and approves the preliminary billing reports, the Billing Team proceeds with the billing finalization process.  The billing process takes two to five business days to complete.  IOT’s primary goal is to have billing submitted to the Auditor of State for payment by the end of each month.

At the end of each fiscal year, IOT reviews its financial reports to determine if any of the product code rates need to be adjusted (increased or decreased) for the new fiscal year.  As a result, agencies will notice that their July invoice will reflect those new rates.

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Assistance with Billing Accounts and Questions

For all billing inquiries such as:

  • IOT Invoice
  • Pinnacle Account Set-up
  • Pinnacle Reports
  • Pinnacle System Issues and Performance
  • Pinnacle Training

Open a ticket with IOT Customer Service using the ASM Self-Service Portal, or call the Helpdesk at (317) 234-4357 (Local) or (800) 382-1095 (Remote). Your ticket will be assigned to the IOT Billing Team.

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