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February 2019 Newsletter

Survey results

Website designs

IOT website


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IOT Customer Satisfaction Survey results

This month, IOT sent out its biannual Customer Satisfaction Surveys to those who have communicated with IOT in the last 6 months by opening a ticket. 

Surveys went out asking to describe the staff at IOT, how helpful the support team was in resolving any issues and the satisfaction customers had with their interaction with IOT.

Results show that satisfaction with IOT was at 95.66 percent. Our goal is to be the gold-standard of customer service and to provide an experience that exceeds the customer’s expectations. We still have work to achieve next level customer service, but we appreciate choosing to use IOT as your technology vendor.

We thank you for your participation and will continue to do our best to help you resolve any issues you have in the future!

New agency website designs

The IN.gov Program manages and provides tools and websites to help agencies and elected officials manage their digital presence. To keep the State’s web presence fresh, under the guidance of the IN.gov Governance and User councils, IOT updates the agency web design every other year. Designs are influenced by focus group sessions that IN.gov conducts with citizens, as well as by current web trends.

The process of upgrading new websites in 2019 has already begun, with some agencies such as PLA, FSSA and INDOT having already converted. State agencies have or will soon receive a new website design as part of our statewide upgrade this year. Currently, the deployment schedule is still being finalized, but will run the transition of the more than 200 websites will likely conclude in the summer.

Agencies can choose from two types of template: a marketing or an information template. 


The agency navigation in the marketing template, shown above, has changed. Instead of navigating from the left, a Menu bar is in the top right corner. The top navigation is no longer reserved for the global IN.gov menu, but is reserved for agency priority items. Additionally, the Online Services, FAQs and I Want To’s are located on the sub-header. There is also room for optional “spotlights” for pages you want to be highlighted on your page. Agencies have more freedom to promote their mission and programs. 


The navigation in the informational template is similar to the current websites. The homepage has changed, with the placement of sub-photos and some information categories along the bottom of the page. As with the marketing template, the top navigation is for agency priority links. The Online Services, FAQs and I Want To’s are also on the sub-header for the informational template. These will help you get exactly where you need to go without as many clicks.

New IOT customer-centric website unveiled

As referenced in the above article, the IOT website has a new look as part of the agency website design. We have revamped the website to have continuous relevant content data and clear paths to our tools and systems.

After careful review of web analytics from the past year, we designed the website to be user-friendly and customer-focused, surfacing the most accessed services.

Based on our findings, we made several updates to our Homepage.


Diving into our analytics, we found the top five pages customers visited, ensuring they were highlighted in the top navigation bar or as a spotlight under the main photo. We placed these where users can easily access them so they will not have to go through multiple hoops to find.

Our main billboard (photo) will be updated monthly with relevant information, including projects going on at IOT. We also created a new tab for vendors so they can easily access what they need from the website. Under the main header, we have the Online Services, FAQs and I Want To’s as referenced in the previous article that help customers easily find what they need.

In the top right corner, the Menu takes you anywhere you need to go, or use the search, which is next to it.

We are excited about this new design and will continuously ensuring the content is fresh and accurate.

Cybersecurity training for new hires

Indiana has made it a priority to protect citizen data by requiring employees to take monthly cybersecurity training sessions. Now, in order to boost cyber-awareness even further, all new hires to the state will be required to take a cybersecurity awareness module. The module is 34 minutes and touches on a broad range of fundamental security topics that we expect our workforce to understand. The training module must be completed within 21 days (including weekends) after beginning employment, the same window as the Information Resources Use Agreement (IRUA). A failure to complete the module will result in their account being disabled.

These topics will provide the needed information about security with the state.

• Security Threats at a Glance
• Types of Threats
• Electronic Threats
• Social Engineering Threats
• Phishing Threats
• Insider Threats at a Glance
• Reporting an Incident
• Data Access, Retention and Destruction
• Data Transmission Guidelines
• Data Minimization
• Password Best Practices
• Physical Security at a Glance
• Safe Remote and Mobile Computing at a Glance
• BYOD at a Glance
• Social Media Risks and Benefits at a Glance
• Defining Privacy
• Why Privacy Matters
• Identifying Personal Information

Statewide job board launches today

The Monarch Initiative emerged today (March 4) for the State of Indiana’s talent management processes. The new recruiting module, called SuccessFactors, has a new and improved job board, and can be accessed on WorkForIndiana.IN.gov. Its updated content will better promote the benefits of a career in public service along with highlighting diversity, well-being and work-life balance at the state. Existing employees will also benefit from a new full-service internal job board.

The job board offers a mobile-friendly user experience and has customizable job alerts, advanced search functions and seamless integration with popular external job boards. Hiring managers, recruiters and applicants will benefit from greater efficiency, including a reduction in the time it takes to fill a position.

SuccessFactors increases transparency and removes barriers for qualified internal candidates to apply for openings. You can use several search filters, such as agency, job description keywords and posting date. You can create customized job alerts, and there is even a way to share job openings via social media. A profile has already been populated for all employees. To explore the new platform, click the “SuccessFactors” link at in.gov/spd. Most employees will be automatically signed on through their state network access.

If you have direct reports or recruit candidates for the state, you need to complete SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Training for Hiring Managers. Training in the Government Center is offered daily through March 8. You can choose a morning session (8 a.m. to 11 a.m.) or an afternoon session (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.). Your HR representative will be following up with information about how you can schedule your training. If you are located outside of the Government Center, your local HR representative will provide information on other available training dates and locations.

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