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Telephones (Voice as a Service)

(SoI VaaS)

The State of Indiana Voice as a Service (SoI VaaS) is an IP-based voice service that will be replacing the State’s legacy Centrex phone system at the downtown campus. The SoI VaaS introduces many new features that will enable state employees to serve constituents more effectively and efficiently.

SoI VaaS Service Catalog - (IOT Service Catalog Product 1186)

Catalog - Phone Models, Profiles and Rates

Quick Start Guides

78XX Model Phones

88XX Model Phones

8831 Conference Phone

Jabber Quick Start Guide

Installation Instructions

Jabber Installation Instructions -- PC

Jabber Installation Instructions -- iPhone

Jabber Installation Instructions -- Android

To provision Jabber after it has been installed on your mobile phone, click THIS LINK from a browser on your mobile phone.

Online Training Videos

View our SOIVaaS support training videos HERE

To access the videos: username: indianatraining and password: cbtscbts!


News and FAQs

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