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Search Services offers advanced search services for websites, intranets, directories, databases, and other digital assets. Currently, all managed sites are utilizing the same search solution for their default site search. If you have additional needs or a separate project that requires more in-depth or customized search parameters, can provide a custom interface with analytics and controls.

Search Features

  • Custom Design – can design your search and results page to either seamlessly integrate into your existing page/site, or develop a custom interface that has its own experience separate from your site.
  • Faceting – Organize your search results into categories for quick filtering
  • Type-ahead – Add suggestions that users can click while typing in the search bar
  • Keyword Highlighting – Show the keyword highlighted in documents and pages

Search Dashboard Features

  • Analytics – You will have access to a dashboard that shows you historical data of searches, clicks, and geographical information.
  • Accessibility Auditor – You can audit the indexed content for a full 508 compliance report with detailed analysis.
  • Content Auditor – Analyze reading level, creation dates, duplicate titles, and other information related to your content
  • SEO Auditor – Find out how to better rank your pages within the search service with detailed feedback and analysis per page
  • Optimization Tools – Create suggestions, automated rules, and other fine tuning tools that allow you to shape the search results as you wish.
  • View the dashboard here -

Example Search Projects

  • Adding facets to existing site search
  • Document/PDF search
  • Database search interface
  • Large file (CSV, JSON) search interface

To sign up for Search Services training, please visit this link.

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