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Link Shortener (

The link shortener ( is used to create short URLs that are able to be tracked to gauge their effectiveness.

In order to be able to create a request for a new, short URL, a user must first be granted access to the link shortener ( application. Please contact Graig Lubsen at to request access.

From the Homepage, you can view all of your submitted and pending requests and view all existing groups that have been created, or create a new group. When selecting a new group, click on the link button to enter the URL creation page. After the link is created, the next page will display the short URL information just entered. Copy the specific URL and paste it into the media platform you’re using. A specific URL should be generated for each platform; one for Twitter, one for Facebook, etc.

These links are then tracked in the Quality Assurance solution to track effectiveness and message reach per platform.

Click here for a step-by-step user guide.