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Local Government Solutions is expanding the same award-winning services used by state agencies to Indiana Local Government. We are proud to offer different levels of service in order to meet your agency's needs. Subdomain and DNS Services offers free Subdomain and DNS services with extra security protections.

IOT uses one of the largest and fastest service providers that is capable of mitigating tremendous threats that would otherwise overwhelm services. With the increased fortification, subdomains are protected from DDos and bot attacks, malicious traffic signatures, and more!

As a result of our free DNS services and security protections, IOT does not offer DNS delegation to external nameservers. IOT is in progress on a long-term project to resume hosting legacy DNS delegations and cannot point any new or existing subdomains to external nameservers.

Free Subdomain and DNS services provided by

  • Request subdomain for Local Government
  • SSL Certificates
  • MX Requests
  • TXT and CNAME Records

For new users:

Sign up for the Local Subdomain Portal

For existing users:

Login to the Local Subdomain Portal

Cybersecurity Incident Reporting and Free Cybersecurity Training:

Cybersecurity Incident Reporting: State law requires each political subdivision to report cybersecurity incidents to the Office of Technology
Report a cyber incident
Sign up to be a reporter for your organization
Cybersecurity Training: Employees are the first line of defense against cyberattacks; take advantage of the State’s free cybersecurity training program. You can pick and choose the training for your staff or take the same training as state employees.

Access Indiana

Access Indiana is the state’s single sign-on and password solution for Indiana Services. Visit Authentication (Access Indiana) to learn more.

Website Design and Hosting Packages

Local government agencies can obtain a new website and leverage a suite of tools for as low as $50/month.
Visit to learn more or request a free consultation.

Payment Processing

The program provides and manages two payment processing vendors. This is offered at no cost to Local Government using the convenience model. Visit Payment Processing to learn more.

Hardware & Software

Local Government can purchase hardware and software at state QPA pricing from SHI. Additional Details, including SHI Contacts, are available here:
Local Government Hardware and Software Solutions