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Service Description

  1. Website Design & Development – A full lifecycle service that includes website design, prototyping, development, quality assurance, user acceptance testing and deployment. All leveraging tools provided through Both standard design, as well as custom websites and templates can be provided with the proper approvals.
  2. Creative & Branding Services – Our highly experienced team of creative service staff can provide website and graphic design, user interface design, print design, digital animations and videos, 360 degree video production, and more.
  3. Application Development – Leveraging the latest development technologies and practices, and having developed more than 200 online applications for the State of Indiana, the application development team can assist any agency with digitizing or improving a process through digital means. The full lifecycle service includes project management, business analysis, user interface design & development, backend/service design & development, quality assurance testing, security testing, load testing, user acceptance testing and deployment. While almost any process can be digitized and streamlined through our services, some examples include: eFiling, online payments, mobile inspection software, event registration, online ticket sales, online training solutions, and more.
  4. Mapping & Location-Based Online Services – Utilizing robust and user-friendly online mapping and geolocation solutions, the Program can build online applications for location based searches and services. These systems can integrate with existing databases and dynamically geocode addresses to make location searching a reality for your agency. Development services will be provided at $110/hr; however, ancillary mapping fees could apply depending on the size of the engagement.
  5. Online, Over-the-Counter, and Mobile Payment Processing – Either through custom applications developed by, or third-party applications via’s payment module, agencies can quickly and easily accept online, over-the-counter, or mobile payments from their constituency conveniently and securely.
  6. Customer Invoicing Solutions – An alternative to customers paying for goods or services immediately through a credit card or echeck.’s customer management system allows agencies to provide services to regularly returning customers of qualifying applications, who will then be billed monthly for activity performed. Many services available through offer this service today, and those customers who have already setup an account are able to leverage their existing credentials and billing profiles.
  7. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions – An IVR solution allows customers to dial a phone number and receive automated assistance via voice or key tone responses. From providing a number for customers to determine status of a filing or transaction, to allowing them to pay a statutory fee over the phone,’s custom IVR solutions provide yet another convenience to the constituent while reducing calls or walk-ins to an agency.
  8. Domain Registration – For those agencies looking to purchase a vanity URL (.com, .org, .net, ect.), simplifies this process and works to obtain competitive pricing from the domain registrars. This service is provided at-cost, with no additional costs for the time to setup necessary paperwork, obtain the domain, and direct it to the website of choice.
  9. Third-Party Application Hosting – This service allows an agency who has purchased a third-party product, for use externally by constituents, to host the solution in a co-lo environment.
  10. Third-Party Server Hosting – This service provides another alternative in the event an agency must provide a hosting environment for third-party hardware. Additionally, can provide dedicated Virtual Machines to host third-party software for use externally by constituents. These costs vary based on server, storage, and network requirements.
  11. Third-Party Website Add-Ons – offers several third-party add-on services for use on both standard websites and custom. These services include: web content management hosting & management, bulk email and SMS marketing, screen reader technology, website analytics, website audit services (broken link, misspelling, and accessibility), frequently asked questions, site search, and a press release & event system. continues to add to the list of services. This list is subject to change.
  12. Other Services as Requested – The team provides numerous services; however, we are always up for a challenge to provide the next innovative service to the State of Indiana. If you have an idea, or need, please visit and submit your request to the team. Our highly experienced team will contact you to discuss your needs and brainstorm the most efficient and cost-effective ways to accomplish your goal.