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INDOT CAD Support has refreshed its consultant new user guide. Please download a new copy of this document from HERE This document gives a quick overview of requesting access to the INDOT ProjectWise System and it's usage.

INDOT uses many CAD products, standardizing on Bentley Software, such as InRoads, ProjectWise and MicroStation. The INDOT CAD environment was developed and is maintained for in-house use by INDOT engineers and technicians. This site has been designed to make navigation as easy as possible.

The INDOT CAD Support section's role is to develop, manage and maintain the CAD software\workspace that is used internally within INDOT to ensure its performance and usability. CAD Support also supplies the consultant community access to the workspace via the (Downloads & Information) page and also via ProjectWise (Web Server Access) to all of the files that make up the environment. All published documentation including the (INDOT CAD Standards) is geared toward our in house designers and systems environment, and is provided as “as-is” guidance along with the files we provide for download. The usage of these documents and files by your company is optional, but available should you be interested in working directly in our environment. A design memo will announce the official date consultant-designed plans need to adhere to the CAD standards and the specific requirements. We do however encourage consultants to be proactive and begin incorporating the CAD standards now.

Due to the highly customized nature of the our CAD environment, and the use of a managed workspace delivered via ProjectWise; we can only field questions and publish resources from our workspace as they pertain to those applications listed on our Current Versions page. Questions regarding applications that are not listed should be directed to your various software vendors.

News & Updates

  • A beta version of the INDOT ORD workspace is now available.  Please find it on the Downloads & Information page.
  • A new version of the Map Insert page is now available.  Please see the updated link below.
  • The DOTWise 4.5 workspace and documentation have been updated and are now available from the Downloads & Information page.
  • In preparation for OpenRoads Designer, an alpha version of our ORD Workspace is now available.  It can be found on the Downloads & Information page.
  • Join Indiana DOT and Consultants Bentley Community Forum (Click Here)

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