ProjectWise is a suite of software provided by Bentley Systems aimed at helping to manage, find, and share active project data, including CAD and geospatial content, as well as Office documents.  It is being utilized by INDOT as the project lifecycle tool and is the location of all active project data. There are now two methods for accessing INDOT’s ProjectWise datasource (#1 –Thick Client)  (#2- Web Server)

Please refer to the INDOT Consultant Quick Start User Guide for instructions on obtaining access and use of ProjectWise on INDOT projects.

ProjectWise Links

The following files are provided in the event that the DOTWise Web Server does not automatically prompt for the installation of the Bentley ActiveX Controls.  Please be aware that due to the size, these components will download in the background and take some time to install and adequate time should be given for these to be installed via Internet Explorer.

  • ProjectWise Web & Web View Servers V8i (SELECTseries4) Client Components.msi
    These components enable file download and check in/check out functionality for the DOTWise web explorer.  This will install independently via the web explorer but direct download and install will provide a better experience.
    These Active X controls are compatible with IE 8 thru 11.
  • DgnNavigatorControlAx.msi
    This component is needed to enable MicroStation file previewing on the client PC without the need for MicroStation or Bentley Navigator. It too can be installed via the web explorer, however direct download and installation of this component will provide a better experience.