Laws, Rules & Documents

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IEERB Statutes

IC 20-29 (Collective Bargaining for Teachers)
IC 4-21.5 (The Indiana Administrative Orders and Procedures Act)
IC 5-14-3 (Access to Public Records Act)
IC 20-28-9 (Salary and Related Payments for Teachers)


IEERB's Final Rule in LSA Document #17-443 is effective on June 23, 2018. Parties should review changes to IEERB's existing rules.  Guidance and training on the new rules and changes to the former rules is forthcoming.

Non-Rule Policy Documents

NPD Doc No. 2015-1: Pre-Impasse Mediation
Pre-Impasse Mediation Request Form

Changes to Bargaining Unit

MOU Exception for HMSES

NPD No. 2017-1 Expedited Case Management

NPD No. 2017-2 South Central Area Special Education Cooperative

Rule Making

Rulemaking Docket


Please see Compliance page for additional guidance documents
Financing Verification (for School Corporation and Exclusive Representation)
Notice of Appearance
2016 Compliance Report Executive Summary

Unfair Labor Practice Documents

Unfair Practice Complaint
Notice of Appearance
Methods for Filing an IEERB Case

Representation Documents

Mail Ballot Election Procedures
Petition for Representation and/or Decertification 
Petition for Unit Clarification or Unit Amendment
School Corporation's Petition for Election
Methods for Filing an IEERB Case
Notice of Appearance

Changing the Bargaining Unit FAQ

Practitioner's Guide to Changing the Bargaining Unit

Sample Notice for Agreed to Unit Change


Summary of Rights and Benefits for Indiana Teachers
Sample Exclusive Representative Affidavit
Filing documents with IEERB