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Travel Services

The IDOA Travel Management Office

  • Assists state employees with business travel arrangements
  • Enforces state travel rules and regulations
  • Works to minimize state business travel costs
  • Drafts and implements policies for state employee travel

IDOA has contracted with Corporate Travel Management (CTM) to provide travel services to the state.


IDOA Travel Manager
John Purdy
Phone: (317) 232-4258
Fax: (317) 232-7312

Corporate Travel Management 
Phone: (855) 416-3902

Corporate Travel Management Online Helpdesk
Phone: (855) 416-3902

Fleet Services
Fleet Services

Afterhours Emergency Travel Service

IDOA Afterhours Support (Text Message Preferred): (317) 450-9751

Emergency/Issue Protocol | (.pdf)

Corporate Travel Management Afterhours: (855) 416-3902


  • State Travel Policy | (.pdf)
  • State Resources Policy | (.pdf)
  • Agency Travel Coordinator Protocol | (.pdf)


Make a Reservation:
Login using the ID and password provided to you by CTM. If login information was not provided, you may register a new profile through the site.

Note: The state incurs a usage fee for any reservation made online through GetThere or offline through CTM’s representatives. Out-of-state travel must be arranged through one of these methods. However, for in-state travel, hotel reservations of less than 10 rooms can be made directly with the hotels.

Group Reservations
All reservations of 10 or more rooms must go through CTM, when the State is covering the costs of the rooms. To begin this process, complete the Group Hotel Request Form in the "Resources" section of the CTM website. The submission will be sent to CTM, whose staff will begin a request for quote process with hotels meeting your criteria. Once the requesting agency reviews the responses and chooses a hotel, the agency is to complete a contract with the awarded hotel, using the State’s contract for services boilerplate. For any questions on this process, please contact


The two profile types in GetThere are planners and travelers.

  • Planners are able to make reservations on behalf of those whose profiles are linked to theirs
  • Travelers are only able to make reservations for themselves

There are no limitations on the number of profiles the state may create, and all profiles are permanent until actively deleted. Anyone can create a traveler profile by registering an account on the GetThere Indiana homepage. To link a new traveler account to its appropriate planner(s), be sure to complete the travel planner fields at the bottom of the registration form. CTM will take this submission, find the planner profiles associated with the names provided and link the new traveler to that planner, or planners.

Out of State Travel

All out-of-state business travel by state employees, board and commission members, persons under contract with the state, and all others seeking state travel reimbursement must be reviewed and approved by the Travel Management Office. Those seeking to travel out of state must complete the Authorization for Out of State Travel form.

Reimbursement Rates

Travel Expense Reimbursement Rates

In-State Lodging (Effective March 1, 2020)



Standard Rate:
(All locations without specified rates)






Ft. Wayne:




Lafayette/West Lafayette:


Note: Taxes should be paid and reimbursed if in-State lodging is secured using a personal credit card. In-State lodging transactions using the State’s travel card program are tax exempt.

Department of Revenue’s Informational Bulletin 41

Sales and County Tax Exemption Department of Revenue Memorandum | (.pdf)

Indianapolis Airport Parking
(maximum base rate)

(If the facility charges airport fees and gas surcharges those may be reimbursed with an itemized receipt)

Mileage Effective June 15, 2022

.49 cents/mile
(for all business miles driven)

Downtown Rental Car Parking

When renting from the downtown Indianapolis Enterprise branch, employees are allowed to park personal vehicles in the State-owned parking facilities for the duration of their trip.  Rental vehicles and State-owned vehicles should not be parked in State-owned parking facilities over night without permission from IDOA Parking Services.

Enterprise provides shuttle services to and from its rental office and the Government Center Campus.  Travelers should call Enterprise at (317) 635-4340 no less than 1 hour prior to their reservation time to request and confirm pick-up.


IDOA Parking Services


All forms must be submitted to the IDOA Travel Office for approval. Incomplete forms may be delayed or may be returned to the submitting employee for completion.

Instructions for Completing SF-823 Authorization/Request for Out of State Travel | (.pdf)

Instructions for Submitting SF-823 to IDOA | (.pdf)

Authorization for Out of State Travel SF-823 | (.xls) | (.pdf)
All state employees who are scheduled to travel outside of Indiana on state business must complete an Authorization for Out of State Travel form prior to their departure (State Form 823). The form outlines the employees expected itinerary as well as estimated travel expenses. Instructions detailing how this form should be completed are available above.  Although the five-part carbon set form is no longer required, the document (State Form 823 i.e “G-10”) must be provided with original signature with all supporting documentation, as required by policy, and submitted for approval. Original signatures are required in IDOA files, but are not required in your agency records.

Travel Voucher | SF 980
A Travel Voucher must be submitted after a state employee returns from business-related state travel. The travel voucher enables the employee to recoup actual travel-related expenses and enables the state to attribute those expenses to the appropriate state account. To ensure the ability to use the Account column dropdown option, please save the file type as Excel Workbook (*.xlsx).

Certification for Missing Receipt | SF 42275
The Certification for Missing Receipt form enables state employees who have traveled on behalf of the state to apply for reimbursement without a substantiating receipt.

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