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Computer Science Legislation, Requirements, and Standards

IC 20-30-5-23

After June 30, 2021, each public high school, including each charter school, shall offer at least one (1) computer science course as a one (1) semester elective in the public high school’s curriculum at least once each school year for high school students. After June 30, 2021, each public school, including each charter school, shall include computer science in the public school’s curriculum for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

The following high school CS courses may be utilized to meet the above requirements. For detailed course descriptions, please visit this page.

Approved High School Computer Science (CS) Courses to meet IC 20-30-5-23

  • 4803: Introduction to Computer Science
  • 4801: Computer Science I
  • 5236: Computer Science II
  • 5252: Computer Science III: Special Topics
  • 5249: Computer Science III: Software Development
  • 5250: Computer Science III: Databases
  • 5251: Computer Science III: Informatics
  • 5253: Computer Science III: Cybersecurity
  • 7183: Principles of Computing
  • 7184: Software Development
  • 4570: AP Computer Science A
  • 4568: AP Computer Science Principles
  • 4586: IB Computer Science Standard Level
  • 4584: IB Computer Science Higher Level
  • 8118/8116: Cambridge International AS and A Level Computer Science

K-8 computer science standards were adopted by the State Board of Education in April, 2016, to be implemented beginning in the 2016-2017 school year. The Indiana K-8 computer science grade band standards are housed as part of the Indiana science standards, and may be assessed as part of the ILEARN science assessments in grades 4 and 6.

It is important to note that the Indiana K-8 computer science standards are not intended to replace the appropriate grade level science standards, but should be taught in addition to the science standards.

Indiana Computer Science Standards

K-2 Computer Science 05/19/2016 PDF
3-5 Computer Science 05/19/2016 PDF
6-8 Computer Science 05/19/2016 PDF
Introduction to Computer Science 05/02/2018 PDF
Computer Science I 05/02/2018 PDF
Computer Science II 05/02/2018 PDF
Computer Science II: Special Topics 01/04/2016 PDF
Computer Science III: Cybersecurity  05/02/2018 PDF
Computer Science III: Databases 05/02/2018 PDF
Computer Science III: Informatics 05/02/2018 PDF
Computer Science III:  Software Development 05/02/2018 PDF Advocacy Coalition - Nine Policy Recommendations

The Advocacy Coalition has put forth a series of nine policy recommendations that states can implement to support and expand computer science education. Indiana is proud to be the 3rd state to have implemented all nine policies. Information about these policies and Indiana’s progress can be found in Indiana’s State Fact Sheet.

Indiana Computer Science Strategic Plan

Legislated Reports

SEA 172 (2018)
SEA 295 (2020)