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IC 20-27-10-0.5 Annual review of school bus routes and school bus safety policies; information on Internet web site Sec. 0.5.

(a) On or before September 1, 2019, and each September 1 thereafter, each school corporation, charter school, and accredited nonpublic school that provides transportation for students must review the school's school bus routes and school bus safety policies to improve the safety of students and adults.

(b) The state school bus committee, in consultation with the department, shall develop and post on the department's Internet web site school bus safety guidelines or best practices. The guidelines or best practices must include procedures to be taken to ensure that students do not enter a roadway until approaching traffic has come to a complete stop.

(c) In addition to the requirements under subsection (b), the department, in consultation with the department of transportation, shall include on the department's Internet web site information on how an individual or school may petition to reduce maximum speed limits in areas necessary to ensure that students are safely loaded onto or unloaded from a school bus.

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