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Educator Testing

Beginning September 1, 2021, Indiana will use Praxis Content and Pedagogy licensure tests. Please use the link below to access registration and study materials for these tests. If you have questions about the transition from Pearson Assessments to Praxis Assessments, please contact our office using the Educator Licensing Self-Help Form.

Indiana Praxis Retest Policy and Request Certificates

Indiana and ETS have developed a policy for a free retest under certain conditions. Please see the retest policy information and select the certificate form that applies to your licensure path.


Title II
Reporting Year
Traditional Pass Rate Information Alternative Pass Rate Information
2021Traditional Pass Rates AY 2019-2020Alternative, IHE-Based Pass Rates AY 2019-2020
Alternative, not IHE-based Pass Rates AY 2019-2020
2020 Traditional Pass Rates AY 2018-2019Alternative, IHE-Based Pass Rates AY 2018-2019
Alternative, not IHE-based Pass Rates AY 2018-2019
2019Traditional Pass Rates AY 2017-2018Alternative, IHE-Based Pass Rates AY 2017-2018
Alternative, not IHE-based Pass Rates AY 2017-2018
2018Traditional Pass Rates AY 2016-2017Alternative Pass Rates AY 2016-2017
2017Traditional Pass Rates AY 2015-2016Alternative Pass Rates AY 2015-2016

For more information about the tests and standard errors of measurement for each please refer to Understanding Your Praxis Scores or Understanding Your Test Results (CASA, Indiana Developmental/Pedagogy, and Indiana CORE).