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Educational Opportunities

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Training Courses and Events

The Indiana Fire and Public Safety Academy provides training and certifications to help fire and public safety personnel carry out their duties safely and effectively. Full course information and registration for state-sponsored courses is available on the Acadis Portal. Flyers for some of these courses are available here for easy sharing, along with non-state-sponsored educational opportunities.

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Share Non-State-Sponsored Training Courses and Events

Many departments and fire districts host educational opportunities that are open to fire/EMS service personnel from other departments. The Academy wants public safety personnel around the state to be as prepared and highly trained as possible, so local agencies can submit their training event flyers for sharing on this page.

Please be advised that the non-state-sponsored educational opportunities shared here by the Academy do not necessarily imply IDHS endorsement or approval. Local agencies can send open-training flyers by contacting the Academy, but they are subject to review and IDHS reserves the right not to share them.

Requirements to Share Flyers
  • Flyers should be the original PDF file, not an image or screenshot of the flyer.
  • Flyers should be portrait orientation and standard size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Larger sizes may result in information being cut off or the flyer not being included.
  • The filenames for flyers should be lowercase and following the naming structure "month-day-city-name." For example: "april-1-indianapolis-ropes-course."
  • Spell out the full URL or use a QR code if you want users to follow a link.
  • Flyers must be emailed to the Academy at by the last Wednesday of every month. Uploads will be monthly.
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