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About the Academy

The Indiana Fire and Public Safety Academy is an education and training subdivision of the Division of Fire and Building Safety.

The Academy has two subsections: (1) Public Safety and (2) Fire Training and Certifications. The Fire Training and Certifications staff establishes inspection training requirements for members of volunteer fire companies and certifies individuals who meet those requirements.

They also collaborate with public safety boards and commissions in the state to establish criteria for certification and credentialing of public safety personnel.

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The Academy provides training and certifications to help fire and public safety personnel carry out their duties safely and effectively. Full course information and registration for state-sponsored courses is available on the Acadis Portal, but flyers for some of the Academy's training events and courses are available now for easy sharing via the Educational Opportunities page.

Flyers for non-state-sponsored educational opportunities, such as open classes organized and hosted by local fire departments, may be shared on the Educational Opportunities page as well. Visit the page to learn how to submit them.

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Update: NextLevel Firefighter Training

The Indiana General Assembly approved key components of Gov. Holcomb's 2023 Next Level Agenda in the biennial budget. With the support of lawmakers, the state will invest more than $7 million in a regional firefighter training infrastructure to provide a standardized training model across the state. With the help of IDHS, the existing training locations will be enhanced, and new sites will be created to help cover gaps that exist in areas of Indiana. The state will also dedicate $10 million to purchase necessary equipment for volunteer firefighting organizations. Learn more about NextLevel Firefighter Training

Fire Certifications and Training

Get Alarmed Smoke Alarm Program

Get Alarmed logo
Get Alarmed logo

The IDHS Get Alarmed program works closely with service providers and fire departments to distribute smoke alarms to Indiana residents at no cost, thanks to a federal Fire Prevention and Safety Grant. For more information, visit the Get Alarmed page.


The Academy administers two state-funded grant programs to support public safety efforts, the Fire Training Infrastructure Grant and the Local Training Support Grant. Learn more about these grants