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Indiana Disaster Portable Mortuary Unit

About DPMU

The Indiana Disaster Portable Mortuary Unit (I-DPMU) is a deployable resource sponsored by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) to provide assistance during local disaster response.  The unit is comprised of an equipment and supplies cache, along with a team of employee volunteers from IDHS to support operations and maintenance functions.  This resource may be requested through your county emergency management agency (EMA) anytime the local fatality management infrastructure, or coroner, is overwhelmed; such as during a mass casualty incident.

Once a deployment request has been made to the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) through your county EMA, the IDHS team will be contacted.  After the IDHS team is contacted, it is our goal to have the unit fully operational within twenty-four (24) hours.  IDHS is currently in the process of forming the Indiana Mortuary Emergency Response Team (I-MERT), composed of private citizens, each with a particular field of expertise, who would be activated to staff the I-DPMU.  The I-MERT will work under the guidance of local authorities to provide technical assistance for fatality management functions.

Who & What

Who they are:
The Indiana Disaster Portable Mortuary Unit (I-DPMU) operational team consists of employee volunteers from the IDHS.  This team is also funded and organized by the IDHS.

What they do:

The I-DPMU team is responsible for setting up and managing the cache of equipment and supplies.  This team is also responsible for the logistical needs and requirements of personnel working in the I-DPMU.  The goal of the I-DPMU operational team is to have the morgue operational with twenty-four (24) hours of an approved deployment request.


Indiana Disaster Mortuary Unit Photos

About I-MERT

Who they are:
The Indiana Mortuary Emergency Response Team (I-MERT) is composed of funeral directors, medical examiners, coroners, pathologists, forensic anthropologists, medical records technicians and transcribers, finger print specialists, forensic odontologists, dental assistants, x-ray technicians, mental health specialists, computer professionals, administrative support staff, and security and investigative personnel

What they do:

The mission of the I-MERT is to respond with and staff the I-DPMU to assist local authorities in the identification and return of disaster victims to their families.

I-MERT Professionals

Below is a list of professionals needed to effectively operate the I-DPMU:

Funeral Directors
Coroners/Medical Investigators
Forensic Pathologists
Forensic Anthropologists
Medical Records Technicians
Medical Records Transcribers
Finger Print Specialists
Forensic Odontologists
Dental Assistants
Mental Health/Chaplains
Administrative Support/FAC Group
Security Personnel
Radiological Technicians
Safety and Environmental Specialists
Grant Specialists
Massage Specialists
Team Physician

I-MERT Application

Apply to join the Indiana Mortuary Emergency Response Team

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