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Guidance and Forms for Training Institutions and Primary Instructors

Website Changes: Can't Find What You're Looking For?

EMS certifications and training information has been consolidated into fewer pages and reorganized into different sections as part of a larger effort to better organize the IDHS website and help users find information more easily. Here's what changed: ...

Some information has been reorganized into two kinds of sections:

  • Collapsible (drop-down) sections: Open and close when selected.
  • Tabbed sections: Allow you to select different tab headings to find different types of information.

For example, on the Individual Certifications page, application forms for different EMS positions are located in the Applications and Curriculum collapsible (drop-down) section. Once opened, you can choose which type of application form you want by selecting the different tabbed headings (EMR, EMT, etc.). The current selection is shown in white, while the other options are shown with blue headings.

Select the collapsible (drop-down) sections below to find the following EMS information:

  • Training Institution Certifications for training institution certification information, such as:
    • Reference manual
    • Applications
    • Rules and regulations
    • Course checklists and skills sheets
  • Primary Instructor Certifications for primary instructor certification information, such as:
    • Prerequisites
    • Pathways
    • Forms
  • Course Standards and Guidelines for core course information, such as:
    • Course requirements
    • Course standards
    • National education standards and instructional guidelines
    • Links to EMS courses and training references on autism, SIDS, POST, START Triage, Narcan, epinephrine and monitoring blood glucose levels
  • National Registry Registration for a link for program directors to register with the National Registry