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Guidance and Forms for Training Institutions and Primary Instructors

Select the collapsible (drop-down) sections below to find the following EMS information:

  • Training Institution Certifications for training institution certification information, such as:
    • Reference manual
    • Applications
    • Rules and regulations
    • Course checklists and skills sheets
  • Primary Instructor Certifications for primary instructor certification information, such as:
    • Prerequisites
    • Pathways
    • Forms
  • Course Standards and Guidelines for core course information, such as:
    • Course requirements
    • Course standards
    • National education standards and instructional guidelines
    • Links to EMS courses and training references on autism, SIDS, POST, START Triage, Narcan, epinephrine and monitoring blood glucose levels
  • National Registry Registration for a link for program directors to register with the National Registry