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First Responders License Plate

Secured Indiana License Plate 2019

A Way to Say Thanks to Hoosier First Responders

On a daily basis, many of your fellow Hoosiers put your safety first. Members of the fire service, law enforcement, emergency management and emergency medical services from across Indiana make the well-being of their fellow citizens their top priority when called to respond to an incident with their expertise.

There is a way you can show Hoosier first responders your support and gratitude for their commitment to their fellow citizens. The next time you renew your vehicle's plate, ask for a First Responders license plate, or purchase one online.

The revenue from First Responders license plate sales funds the Indiana Homeland Security Foundation, formerly the Emergency Management, Fire and Building Services, and Public Safety Training Foundation. The foundation, one of the first of its kind in the nation, offers financial support for critical public safety needs across Indiana.

The foundation funds public safety projects at the local level. Local public safety organizations in your communities are eligible to apply for projects such as equipping emergency responders with personal protective equipment, acquiring equipment for use by emergency responders and training emergency responders. In 2006, the foundation awarded over $400,000 in grant funds to communities throughout the state.

Promoting Public Safety Careers

In order to promote the importance of careers in public safety, the foundation recently established the Secure Indiana Scholarship Program for Indiana residents. Eligible applicants are students interested in pursuing a higher education degree and who volunteer with a local public safety organization. Hoosier Safety Scholarships at $2,000 for full-time students and $1,000 for part-time students can be awarded to applicants enrolled in an accredited college in Indiana.

Small Fee, Big Impact

The fee to receive a First Responders license plate is only $40, in addition to your normal vehicle registration and excise fees. Of the $40 fee, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles retains $15 for administrative costs with the remaining $25 going directly to the foundation. If you request a low-end number from one to 100 or a specific number, there is an additional one-time $30 fee.

By paying a small fee and purchasing a First Responders license plate, you can make a big impact by assisting Indiana’s first responders who help protect your loved ones, neighbors and yourself.