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Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions

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About the Boards and Commissions

Several boards, commissions and a foundation are affiliated with IDHS. They are established by the Indiana legislature and operate independently under its authority. Their members are appointed by the Indiana governor, and IDHS staff members are designated to support their administrative needs.

Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission

The Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission (Commission) is an 11-member commission established in Indiana Code 22-12-2 that meets monthly to conduct its business. In general, the commission is tasked with: (1) creating a statewide code of fire safety laws and building laws; (2) reviewing variance requests to codes it has adopted; (3) reviewing local ordinances containing building and fire safety laws; and (4) reviewing orders enforcing fire and building safety laws.

  • Mike Beard
  • Logan Cook
  • Harold Davidson
  • Joe Heinsman
  • David Henson
  • Todd Hite
  • Jim Murua
  • Scott Pannicke (vice chairman)
  • Michael Popich (chairman)
  • John Watson
  • Michael Zehner

Variance applicants, submitters and other stakeholders with essential business before the Commission may be afforded the opportunity to participate in meetings and address the Commission. However, direct participation in the Commission's meetings is not mandatory, and testimony is afforded at the discretion of the Commission's chair.

If your variance application has been "tabled" by the Commission or if you have received notice that IDHS has "referred" your variance application to the Commission for determination, please contact staff at with any questions or concerns. Questions or concerns regarding any other business before the Commission should be directed to

Meeting Materials

Submit code comments

View previously submitted code comments and proposals.


Pursuant to Indiana Code 22-13-2-5, the Commission is tasked with reviewing and approving the fire safety and building laws adopted in the ordinances and other regulations of political subdivisions before they can become effective. If your local jurisdiction is interested in adopting a fire safety or building law, the ordinance templates and the information contained in the link below will help guide you through this process. Additionally, if you have any questions concerning this process, or if you would like to submit your ordinance for pre-adoption review or for Commission approval, please direct your correspondence to

Ordinance Templates

The following ordinance templates have been prepared by the Commission and are recommended to be utilized when drafting an ordinance. The use of these templates will expedite review of your ordinance and assist in avoiding potential conflicts and defects.

Approved Local Ordinances (January 1, 2018, to present)

EMS Commission

The Indiana Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Commission is a 14-member commission established in Indiana Code 16-31-2 that meets bimonthly to conduct its business. The commission is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of an effective system of emergency medical services. This includes the necessary equipment, personnel and facilities to ensure that all emergency patients receive prompt and adequate medical care throughout the range of emergency conditions encountered. The commission works to meet this mandate through the development of administrative codes and rules regulating Indiana's EMS system as well as the provision of consultative services; promotion of training for emergency medical personnel; education of the public in first aid techniques; and coordination of emergency communications resources. The EMS Commission is also responsible for the regulation, inspection and certification of services, facilities and personnel engaged in the provision of emergency medical services.


*Commission currently has one vacancy (public representative).


By law, all requests for waiver of EMS rules are considered by IDHS initially subject to appeal to the EMS Commission for review. Waiver requests may be sent to

Pending Rules
Final Rules

All final rules become part of the Indiana Administrative Code and are accessible from the IAC Title 836 webpage.

Non-Rule Policies, Interpretations

The following are non-rule policies and policy interpretations by the EMS Commission.

Board of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education

The Board of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education (BFPSE) has the responsibility for establishing the rules and regulations for voluntary training for fire service and, for some specialized training, non-fire service personnel in Indiana, including setting criteria for certification of firefighters at different levels of education within the state. The board operates under the authority of Indiana Code 22-14-2-7. The board has taken a very proactive approach to fire service training and has placed Indiana in the forefront of certifications offered.

All variance requests or issues for the board must be emailed to for it to go on the agenda. The agenda will close 15 days prior to the board meeting. Anything received after that time will go to the following board meeting.


Indiana Emergency Response Commission

The Indiana Emergency Response Commission (IERC) was established pursuant to Indiana and federal law to implement the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA) (also referred to as Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA)).The IERC's duties include: establishing procedures for receiving and processing public requests for information collected under EPCRA, reviewing local emergency response plans, designating local emergency planning districts, appointing a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) for each district and supervising the activities of the LEPCs. The IERC operates under the authority of Indiana Code 13-25-1 and 13-25-2. It consists of 13 members: four state agency representatives and nine governor appointees who represent local government, the public and business and industry. The commission meets bimonthly.


*Commission currently has three vacancies.
**Designees for State Police Commissioner.
***Designee for Indiana Department of Environmental Management.
****Designee for IDHS Executive Director.


Indiana Secured School Safety Board

The Indiana Secured School Safety Board was established to approve or disapprove applications for matching grants through the Secured School Safety Grant Program. Per Indiana Code 10-21-1-3, the board shall establish criteria to be used in evaluating applications for matching grants from the fund. These criteria must be consistent with the fund's goals and provide for an equitable distribution of grants to school corporations and charter schools located throughout Indiana. The board meets on an as-needed basis, with a minimum of two meetings per year.

  • Stephen Balko*
  • Eric Bowlen
  • Doug Carter
  • Philip Gordon**
  • Devon McDonald
  • Joel Thacker

*Designee for Secretary of Education.
**Designee for Attorney General.


Senior Advisory Committee

IDHS established the Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) as an advisory council to the administration of the State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) federal grant. IDHS is tasked with administering these federal funds, and the SAC supports a whole-community approach to emergency preparedness and management in Indiana. The SHSP fund is designed to enhance the core capabilities of Indiana to achieve the National Preparedness Goal established by FEMA. The SAC ensures IDHS administers the funds to address core capabilities while providing oversight and direction through the grant review, scoring, and award process for SHSP. The SAC is chaired by the executive director of IDHS, and it is composed of local government representatives, public safety officers and a host of other relevant disciplines impacted by Indiana's preparedness and planning initiatives.

  • Pascal Arnes
  • Brian Baird
  • Tracy Barnes
  • Bernie Beier
  • Matt Bilkey
  • Shane Booker
  • Steven Cain
  • John Elcesser
  • Sally Fay
  • Phil Johnson
  • Peri Rogowski
  • Joel Thacker (chairman)
  • Dr. Eric Yazel
  • Jack Zeeks
  • Rachel Cosner (non-voting)
  • David Hosick (non-voting)
  • Kristi Shute (non-voting)
  • Kim Snyder (non-voting)

Homeland Security Foundation

Funding for the Indiana Homeland Security Foundation comes from revenue from "First Responders" license plate sales. The foundation, one of the first of its kind in the nation, provides financial support for critical public safety needs across Indiana. The foundation offers a scholarship to provide higher education financial assistance for Indiana students who wish to pursue a degree pertaining to public safety and a grant program that supports public safety projects which are in alignment with local and district needs, with a focus on ensuring citizen safety.

  • Steven Cain
  • Mike Duckworth
  • Tom Hanify
  • Phil Johnson
  • Jamey Noel
  • Michael Riehm

*Foundation currently has several vacancies.


Hoosiers have allegiances to many organizations with specialized plates. If you already have an affinity plate, or do not want one, please make a donation of $25 in lieu of the plate by using the Donate to the Foundation button below. Thank you!

Donate to the Foundation

Foundation Awards on Hold for 2022

The Homeland Security Foundation will not issue awards (scholarships or grants) in 2022 as the foundation outlines a strategy for the future. As a result of declining revenue in recent years, the foundation is considering a variety of options, including expanding opportunities for citizens and corporations to donate to the fund. These donations support scholarships for students pursuing a first responder career and grants supporting public safety at the local level for lifesaving equipment, standard operational items and supplementing current capabilities. You can donate online or purchase a First Responders license plate to support the foundation.

In 2021, the foundation issued 31 grants totaling more than $116,000 and six scholarships totaling $10,000.

First Responders License Plate

Secured Indiana License Plate 2019

A Way to Say Thanks to Hoosier First Responders

On a daily basis, many of your fellow Hoosiers put your safety first. Members of the fire service, law enforcement, emergency management and emergency medical services from across Indiana make the well-being of their fellow citizens their top priority when called to respond to an incident with their expertise.

There is a way you can show Hoosier first responders your support and gratitude for their commitment to their fellow citizens. The next time you renew your vehicle's plate, ask for a First Responders license plate, or purchase one online. The foundation understands Hoosiers have allegiances to many organizations with specialized plates. If you already have an affinity plate, or do not want one, please make a donation of $25 in lieu of the plate by using the Donate to the Foundation button above. Thank you!

The revenue from First Responders license plate sales funds the Homeland Security Foundation, formerly the Emergency Management, Fire and Building Services, and Public Safety Training Foundation. The foundation, one of the first of its kind in the nation, offers financial support for critical public safety needs across Indiana.

The foundation funds public safety projects at the local level. Local public safety organizations in your communities are eligible to apply for projects such as equipping emergency responders with personal protective equipment, acquiring equipment for use by emergency responders and training emergency responders.

Promoting Public Safety Careers

In order to promote the importance of careers in public safety, the foundation established a scholarship program for Indiana residents. Eligible applicants are students interested in pursuing a higher education degree and who volunteer with a local public safety organization. Scholarships at $2,000 for full-time students and $1,000 for part-time students can be awarded to applicants enrolled in an accredited college in Indiana.

Small Fee, Big Impact

The fee to receive a First Responders license plate is only $40, in addition to your normal vehicle registration and excise fees. Of the $40 fee, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles retains $15 for administrative costs with the remaining $25 going directly to the foundation. If you request a low-end number from one to 100 or a specific number, there is an additional one-time $30 fee.

By paying a small fee and purchasing a First Responders license plate, you can make a big impact by assisting Indiana’s first responders who help protect your loved ones, neighbors and yourself.


To obtain historical copies of the meeting minutes not provided below, please submit a public records request to IDHS.

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