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Building Plan Review

IDHS Building Plan Review Staff

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A Building that is a
Class 1 Structure


An Industrialized
Building System or
Mobile Structure


Storage Tanks for
Flammable &
Combustible Liquids


Fire Suppression


Type 1 and Type 2 Hoods


A Swimming Pool


A Remodel or Addition


Fire Alarms



To check on the status of your project or obtain a copy of your release, click here.

Do I need to file?
Requirements for Temporary Stages (in place for 90 days or less)
Frequently Asked Questions
Requirements for Temporary Stages (in place for 90 days or less)

Indiana Building Codes

The Indiana Building Codes are design- and construction-regulation documents, most of which consist of various model code publications that have been amended by the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission. In these cases, only the State’s amendments are available for free download, and they can be found at http://www.in.gov/dhs/2490.htm. The model codes themselves are copyrighted publications, owned by their author organizations, and are not available through the State.

2010 Indiana Energy Conservation Code Information
Code Book Information
Administrative Reviews
Indiana Administrative Code
DBC/Local Building Officials List for the State of Indiana


Steps in the building plan review process:

  • Application
  • Input
  • Review
  • Release

Fee Information

The Fire and Building Safety Division will only accept Visa credit cards for applications that are filed online from our website. Visa credit cards will no longer be accepted for a fax or walk-in customer.

Plan Review Fees

In accordance with 675 IAC 12-3-6, construction inspection fees (also known as “local inspection fees”) shall be collected on:

  1. 1) Any Class 1 structure for which a Construction Design Release is required; and,
  2. 2) which is located within a jurisdiction of a political subdivision that has not established a program to periodically inspect, or cause to be inspected, construction as determined under 675 IAC 12-10-9.

Such a condition may result from a project location in a jurisdiction that lacks a local inspection program, or a location in a jurisdiction with a local inspection program, but on a site where the local inspector has no authority to perform his/her duties.

Please refer to 675 IAC 12-3-6 for the fee schedule amount.



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