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Online Records Search

Search our records from your computer 24/7. We have several ways our records are available to you.

Our current database consists of indexed images of all Floyd County deeds beginning in 1783 (Indiana Land Grants) to current.

**Disclaimer – “for certification purposes there are a small number of deeds that are not legible for us to index, these deeds are in deferral.  Please contact the office for assistance".

Billable Search Options

1) Tapestry (Pay-as-you-Go)

Tapestry’s pay-as-you-go method offers flexible payment terms. Occasional users can enter a credit card into their secure site or if you anticipate using Tapestry on a frequent basis, sign up as a member and enjoy membership benefits including account payment terms and expanded search capabilities.Tapestry allows you to search our records for a fee of $8.95 per search plus $1.00 per page for anything you print.

Click here to search with Tapestry

2) Laredo (On-going Usage Plan)

If you prefer to have the on-going ability to search records then the subscription plan is for you. The following minutes and rates are available with the Laredo subscription. Laredo’s innovative technology and 24-hour access to the county’s land records allows you to obtain information faster and more efficiently.

Laredo Subscription Pricing:

  • 250 minutes per month -  $50.00 - (20¢ per minute overage)
  • 1000 minutes per month - $100.00 - (15¢ per minute overage)
  • 3000 minutes per month - $200.00 - (12¢ per minute overage)
  • Unlimited minutes per month - $250.00

An account may be opened by calling me at 812-948-5430. This account allows you to search our records from your desk at your convenience. You may also print anything you wish and you account will be charged $1.00 per page pursuant to statutes. Bills are sent out monthly.

Laredo Remote Access Subscriber Forms:

Laredo Search Tips

Click here for an Indexing Search Guide for Laredo

Laredo Access Link:

Click here for a Laredo Search (Requires set up from Recorder)

Error Reporting:

If you have found what you believe to be an error in the data please send an email to the following address:

Additional Support:

For additional information on the Tapestry and Laredo online searches please contact the Support for the Tapestry and Laredo products is provided directly from Fidlar.