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Deferral Infraction Program

The Infraction Deferral Program is available for certain infraction offenses for qualified individuals. Cases are individually reviewed to determine eligibility. Infraction Deferral Program is a six month program where a defendant’s traffic ticket is deferred (continued) for six months. The defendant must not receive any tickets or criminal charges within that six month period. If no tickets are received in that six month period, and the defendant completes the Infraction Deferral Program, the outstanding ticket is dismissed. A defendant must be present at their assigned court date for a prosecutor to determine if they are eligible for the program.

How much does the Infraction Deferral Program cost?

A deferral fee of $192.50 is paid in place of the ticket amount.

How long do I have to pay the deferral fee?

The defendant should not bring money to Court. A letter with payment instructions will be mailed to you if eligibility has been established.

During the six month deferral period, is Floyd County the only jurisdiction where I must not receive additional tickets?

No. You must not receive any additional tickets from any jurisdiction during the six month deferral time period.

What are the qualifications for the deferral program?

  • No tickets from any jurisdiction in the United States for the previous two years.
  • No criminal history.
  • No Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
  • The specifics of the particular offense will be weighed for eligibility in the program.

Can a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) driver get a deferral?

No. By Indiana State Law, any individual holding a CDL cannot receive any diversion or deferral program.

Ultimately, it is the Prosecutor’s decision as to whether or not a defendant is eligible for the Deferral Infraction Program. Eligibility is evaluated on a case by case basis.

Please contact our office with additional questions.