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Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council

FCCC and FC-JRAC Advisory Board

Floyd County Community Corrections and Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council

CONTACT INFORMATION 2023 effective Jan 24, 2023.

SheriffSteve Bushsbush@fcsdin.net812-948-4732
Mayor Representative Chief Todd Baileytbailey@napdin.net812-948-5300
Judge CircuitHonorable Justin
Judge Superior 1Honorable Carrie
Judge Superior 3Honorable Maria
Judge Superior 2Honorable James
Juvenile Magistrate JudgeMagistrate Fessel
Criminal Defense-Chief Public DefenderMatthew Lorch /
Director of Family and ChildrenBrittany Webster /
County Fiscal BodyDenise Konkle /
Juvenile Probation OfficerDenise Beckwith /
Ex OffenderTiffany Mullinix / 2021tiffany@layministries.org812-280-7533
MH ad/ PhysicianKelley Stafford / 
FCCC DirectorDaraius Randelia / 2021*
Prosecutor Rep.Elizabeth Stigdon /
CASACourtney RobertsCourtney@floydcountycasa.org812-896-7240
MH Rep.*vacant eff. 1/22/2024  
Chief Probation OfficerKelly Deuser /
Educational Admin.Becky Gardenour / 2024bgardenour@nafcs.org502-593-1588
Victim AdvocateAngela Capps /
Lay PersonJohn Schellenberger / 
Lay PersonNick Vaughn / 2023vaughnnick13@gmail.com502-436-4975
Lay PersonRev Richard Pimpleton / 
Lay PersonCharlotte Bass / 
FCCC Assistant DirectorLaura Elliott / 2021* 
Jail Case ManagerOff. Kara Hodges / 2023* 
Supervisor ProbationJoe Evinger / 2023* 
Intensive FCCCAnnie Stocksdale / 2023* 
Probation Veteran OfficerJackie Estephan / 2023* 
System of CareAnn Carruthers / 2023* 
System of CareAmanda Omar / 2023* 
Lay PersonConnie Moon / 2023* 
Lay PersonKimberly 
N.A. City CouncilElaine Murphy / 2024* 

*JRAC member only (for voting purposes)

Meeting Agendas