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Resolutions 2023

FCR 2023-26 Reconstitute the Composition of the Floyd County Health Department Board12/19/2023
FCR 2023-25 Up to 5% Spend Rate Distribution from the Legacy Foundation Capital Improvements Account12/19/2023
FCR 2023-24  Disposal of Personal Property  Circuit Court11/21/2023
FCR 2023-23  Edwardsville-Highlander Point Gateway Economic Development Area11/21/2023
FCR 2023-22  Bonds for Redevelopment Commission11/21/2023
FCR 2023-21 Tabled 
FCR 2023-20 Revised Community Corrections Carrying Firearms in the Floyd County/Judicial Building11/07/2023
FCR 2023-19 Tabled 
FCR 2023-18 2024 Commissioners Meeting Dates10/03/2023
FCR 2023-17 2024 Observed Holiday Schedule10/03/2023
FCR 2023-16  Authorization to Electronically Sign INDOT  Contracts and Agreements09/05/2023
FCR 2023-15 To Dissolve the Interlocal Agreement  Regarding New Albany - Floyd County Animal Shelter08/01/2023
FCR 2023-14 Accepting State Public Health Funding08/01/2023
FCR 2023-13 Build, Operate, Transfer with Redwire Space Technologies, Inc. 08/15/2023
FCR 2023-12 Approving a Project List for County Roads and Projects07/12/2023
FCR 2023-11 Purchase Computer Software, Services, and Equipment from Low Associates, Inc.06/12/2023
FCR 2023-10 Accepting the Floyd County Transit Study06/12/2023
FCR 2023-09 Adoption of the Floyd County Mult-Hazard Mitigation Plan05/23/2023
FCR 2023-08 Payment of Spillman Contract out of 911 Funds05/08/2023
FCR 2023-07 Highlander Fire Protection District Establishment of Cumulative Fire Fighting Fund04/19/2023
FCR 2023-06 Resolution for Community Corrections Carrying Firearms in the City/County Building04/05/2023
FCR 2023-05 Terminating the Judicial Center Scoping Agreements03/09/2023
FCR 2023-04 Concerning Meeting Agenda Items02/13/2023
FCR 2023-03 Declaration of Emergency Repairs-Bridge 51 Blackiston Mill01/18/2023
FCR 2023-02 Vacating the Appointments to the Highlander Fire District Board of Trustees02/22/2023
FCR 2023-01 Authorization for the Execution of INDOT Agreements01/06/2023