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Resolutions 2022

FCR 2022-26 Approving the Timing of the Executions of Contracts, Resolutions, Ordinances, and Other Documents Approved in a Meeting12/30/2022
FCR 2022-24 2023 Commissioners Meeting Dates12/07/2022
FCR 2022-23 2023 Observed Holiday Schedule12/07/2022
FCR 2022-22 Transfer of Vehicle to Parks Department12/07/2022
FCR 2022-21 Approving the Issuance of General Obligation Bonds of the County and Authorizing Other Matters in Connection Therewith12/13/2022
FCR 2022-17 5% Spend Rate Distribution from the Legacy Foundation Capital Improvements Account10/06/2022
FCR 2022-16 Consent to Taking Samples on Paoli Pike10/06/2022
FCR 2022-14 Awarding a BOT Agreement with Respect to a Government Administration and Life Center Project08/24/2022
FCR 2022-13 Economic Development Revenue Income Tax Bonds07/27/2022
FCR 2022-12 Revised Community Corrections Carrying Firearms in City/County Building07/18/2022
FCR 2022-11 New Albany Township Fire Protection Cumulative Fund05/31/2022
FCR 2022-10 Electronic Signature for Multi-Modal and Transit Planning Study06/15/2022
FCR 2022-08 County Governments to Utilize Public-Private Agreements04/18/2022
FCR 2022-06 Community Corrections Carrying Firearms in the City/County Building03/24/2022
FCR 2022-04 Support of Establishment of a Target Budget for the Renovation and Conversion of County Office Buildings03/24/2022
FCR 2022-03 Resolution concerning Signature for Bridge Inspection Contract03/04/2022
FCR 2022-02 Architectural and Professional Services Annex and Reisz Building02/10/2022