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Resolutions 2021

FCR 2021-17 Certified Lessee with Motorola12/31/2021
FCR 2021-16 Interlocal Agreement between Community Corrections & Sheriff Department12/31/2021
FCR 2021-15 Exchange of Vehicles between Commissioners and Solid Waste12/31/2021
FCR 2021-14 Highlander Point-Edwardsville Gateway TIF02/18/2022
FCR 2021-13 2022 Commissioners Meeting Dates12/16/2021
FCR 2021-12 2022 Observed Holidays12/16/2021
FCR 2021-11 Our Southern Indiana Regional Development Authority09/27/2021
FCR 2021-10 Joint Resolution on Legacy Foundation Funding09/27/2021
FCR 2021-09 Approving Sale of/Disposal of Vehicles07/22/2021
FCR 2021-08 Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for Bridge 5107/22/2021
FCR 2021-07 Sheriff Surplus07/13/2021
FCR 2021-06 Transfer of Steel Beams from Floyd County to Georgetown06/02/2021
FCR 2021-05 U.S Bancorp Government Leasing Agreement10/25/2021
FCR 2021-04 River Hills Local Match10/25/2021
FCR 2021-03 Supporting Local Control of Land Use Decisions03/02/2021
FCR 2021-02 Floyd County Vision and Mission Statement01/20/2021
FCR 2021-01 Support of an Amendment to IC 36-1-14-501/08/2021