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Resolutions 2012

FCR 2012-09 Amendment to FCR1997-1109/09/2016
FCR 2012-08 Parks Resolution09/09/2016
FCR 2012-07 Creating a Parks Advisory Board09/09/2016
FCR 2012-06 2013 Holiday Calendar09/09/2016
FCR 2012-05 Rescinding FCR1965-1 (Parks)09/09/2016
FCR 2012-04 Amendment to Comprehensive Plan09/09/2016
FCR 2012-03 Approving Floyd County as a Vote Center09/09/2016
FCR 2012-02 Procedure for House Accounts09/09/2016
FCR 2012-01 Intent to Conduct Tax Sale09/09/2016
FCR 2012 Index09/09/2016