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Resolutions 2010

FCR 2010-10 Recovery Zone Designation of Floyd County07/28/2016
FCR 2010-09 2011 Holiday Schedule07/28/2016
FCR 2010-08 Volume Cap for the Issuance of Bonds07/28/2016
FCR 2010-07 Amendment to the FC Capital Imp. Plan07/28/2016
FCR 2010-06 Authority to NA Redevelopment Comm.07/28/2016
FCR 2010-05 Authorizing Clerk, Linda Moeller to file for funds.07/28/2016
FCR 2010-03 Build America Bonds07/28/2016
FCR 2010-02 FCRLF/O'Brien Property07/28/2016
FCR 2010-01 CEDF Application07/28/2016
FCR 2010 Index07/28/2016