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Resolutions 2006

FCR 2006-3B Establishing Georgetown Fire District03/15/2019
FCR 2006-3A Establishing Lafayette Fire District03/15/2019
FCR 2006-3 Establishing New Albany Township Fire District03/15/2019
FCR 2006-19 Map Amendments Zoning Ordinance09/09/2016
FCR 2006-18 Personnel Policy Handbook Sick Leave09/09/2016
FCR 2006-17 Special Resolution John Reisert09/09/2016
FCR 2006-16 Special Purchasing Methods09/09/2016
FCR 2006-15 Public Defender Compensation09/09/2016
FCR 2006-14 Public Defense Fund09/09/2016
FCR 2006-13 Amendments to Floyd County Zoning Ordinance09/09/2016
FCR 2006-12 Transfer of Certain Property to Crawford County Indiana09/09/2016
FCR 2006-11 Daylight Savings Time09/09/2016
FCR 2006-10 Severe Weather Preparedness09/09/2016
FCR 2006-09 Use of E.D.I.T. Funds09/09/2016
FCR 2006-08 Use of E.D.I.T. Funds09/09/2016
FCR 2006-07 Economic Development Revenue Fund09/09/2016
FCR 2006-06 ML Reisz Purchase and Lease09/09/2016
FCR 2006-05 Transfer of Certain Property to Sellersburg09/09/2016
FCR 2006-04 Hospital Task Force Report Recommendations09/09/2016
FCR 2006-02 Special Purchase Sheriff's Cars09/09/2016
FCR 2006-01 Holidays09/09/2016
FCR 2006 Index09/09/2016