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Resolutions 1996

FCR 1996-11 Special Resolution for William Burkhart Jr.09/09/2016
FCR 1996-10 Funding Solid Waste Management District09/09/2016
FCR 1996-09 Request to Deny Riverboat Gaming09/09/2016
FCR 1996-08 Home Investment Fund Application09/09/2016
FCR 1996-07 Authorizing submission of a Community Planning Fund Grant and Evidencing the Commitment of Local Matching Funds09/09/2016
FCR 1996-06 Improvement of Spring Street Bridge09/09/2016
FCR 1996-05 Extension of Sanitary Sewers09/09/2016
FCR 1996-04 Control and Use of Arson Vehicle09/09/2016
FCR 1996-03 Daylight Savings Time09/09/2016
FCR 1996-02 Funding and Disposition Franchising Fees for Clark and Floyd Landfill09/09/2016
FCR 1996-01 Holidays09/09/2016
FCR 1996 Index09/09/2016