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Resolutions 1994

FCR 1994-12 Funding for Solid Waste Management District09/09/2016
FCR 1994-11 Approval of the River Hills District Economic Development Plan09/09/2016
FCR 1994-10 Medical Co-Pays by persons confined in the Floyd Co. Jail09/09/2016
FCR 1994-09 Pilot Curbside Recycling Program09/09/2016
FCR 1994-08 Operation Lifesaver Week09/09/2016
FCR 1994-07 Housing Development Fund Application09/09/2016
FCR 1994-06A Submittal of CFF Application09/09/2016
FCR 1994-06 Public Resources are not to be used for purely political purposes09/09/2016
FCR 1994-05 Amending Floyd County Personnel Policies09/09/2016
FCR 1994-04 Celebration of the Family Day09/09/2016
FCR 1994-03 Disposing of Interest in Property of Questionable Ownership09/09/2016
FCR 1994-02A Housing Development Fund Application09/09/2016
FCR 1994-02 Daylight Savings Time09/09/2016
FCR 1994-01 Holidays09/09/2016
FCR 1994 Index09/09/2016