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Ordinances 2020

FCO 2020-17 Authorizing an additional transfer of Hospital Sale proceeds to the Floyd County Legacy Foundation12/17/2020
FCO 2020-15 Establishing VC Vaccinator Fund12/17/2020
FCO 2020-14 Amending FCO 2016-510/16/2020
FCO 2020-13 Amending FCO 2006-6 Zoning Map (Fabtration LLC)09/03/2020
FCO 2020-12 ISHD COVID-19 Response Fund08/20/2020
FCO 2020-11 Designating a Stop Intersection and Directing the Erection of Stop Signs08/07/2020
FCO 2020-09 Amending FCO 2016-5 Capital Improvement Plan09/03/2020
FCO 2020-08 Establishing COVID-19 CARES ACT FUND06/05/2020
FCO 2020-07 Stabilization & Recovery Program04/10/2020
FCO 2020-06 Establishing COVID-19 Fund04/09/2020
FCO 2020-05 New Fund known as Kentucky State Tax03/04/2020
FCO 2020-04 Vacation of Public Easement Hill Top Subdivision03/04/2020
FCO 2020-03 Amending FCO2006-6 Zoning Map03/04/2020
FCO 2020-02 Establishing Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board02/25/2020
FCO 2020-01 Credit Card Ordinance03/04/2020