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Ordinances 2008

FCO Index06/24/2016
FCO 2008-9 Referendum Certification (Assessor)06/24/2016
FCO 2008-8 Stop Sign Cobblers Crossing06/24/2016
FCO 2008-7 No Parking Area Brazil Lakes Estate06/24/2016
FCO 2008-6 Sheriff's Towing Fee06/24/2016
FCO 2008-5 Health Department Fee Increase06/24/2016
FCO 2008-4 Attorney Salary Ordinance06/24/2016
FCO 2008-3 Stop Sign Cobblers Crossing06/24/2016
FCO 2008-2 Vacation of Easment Woods of Lafayette06/24/2016
FCO 2008-13 FC Landowners Liability & Contingency Fund06/24/2016
FCO 2008-12 Wayne Street Vacation06/24/2016
FCO 2008-11 Franklin Street Vacation06/24/2016
FCO 2008-10 Georgetown Cumulative Fire Fighting Building & Equipment Fund06/24/2016
FCO 2008-1 County Correction Fund06/24/2016