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Ordinances 2007

FCO 2007-8 Animal Control Service Fees06/24/2016
FCO 2007-7 Animal Control Ordinance06/24/2016
FCO 2007-6 Stormwater Management User Fees06/24/2016
FCO 2007-5 Stormwater06/24/2016
FCO 2007-4 Stop Intersection Highland Oaks Drive06/24/2016
FCO 2007-3 Regulating Unrestrained Dogs06/24/2016
FCO 2007-21 Cumulative Firefighting Building & Equipment Fund06/24/2016
FCO 2007-20 Regulation of Four-Wheel Off-Road Vehicles06/24/2016
FCO 2007-2 Major Thoroughfare Study Fund06/24/2016
FCO 2007-19 FC Community Development Fund06/24/2016
FCO 2007-17 Sheriff's Towing Fee06/24/2016
FCO 2007-15 Est. Medical Co-Pay06/24/2016
FCO 2007-14 Cumulative Firefighting Building/Equipment REJECTED06/24/2016
FCO 2007-13 Credit/Debit Card-Clerk's Office06/24/2016
FCO 2007-12 Stop Intersection Crystal Creek Subdivision06/24/2016
FCO 2007-11 Adult Business06/24/2016
FCO 2007-10 Vacation of Lot 64 Highland Oaks06/24/2016
FCO 2007-1 County Correction Fund06/24/2016
FCO 2007 Index06/24/2016
2007 FCO-16 Sheriff's Sale Service Fee06/24/2016