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Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Home Voice Technology

Amazon Echo (Alexa) & Google Home: You can use either Amazon Echo or Google Home compatible devices to connect with the State of Indiana. Current skills for both tools include:

  • Travel Advisory - check on county-level travel statuses
  • Find a State Employee – ask for contact information for any state employee to call or email them
  • Contact information about state agencies – receive information on how to contact state agencies.

To make the skills work, you will need to enable them on your Amazon or Google devices.

Amazon: “Alexa, add the State of Indiana skill.”

Google: “Google, is there a travel advisory for Marion County?”

View the Alexa Skill on Amazon

View the Google Home Skill on Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Text the State

Have a question about State government or conducting business with a state agency? Citizens can text the State Information Center: 1-855-463-5292

Text the State of Indiana
Live Chat

Between 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, citizens can chat with the State Information Center to answer questions about state government.

Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Chat Bot

IN.gov visitors will be able to instantly chat with an intelligent bot that can quickly search against public information sources to retrieve answers.

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Emergency Numbers

Dial these numbers in case of any emergency

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(800) 222-1222

Poison Control

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Non-Emergency Police Department

For Any Information(800) 457-8283