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Reporting Suspicious Activities or Crime

Reporting Suspicious Activities or Crime

Guidelines for Reporting

Remember these guidelines when witnessing a suspicious event or crime:

  • Do not confront the subject or subjects; be a good witness.
  • Inform the police of the location.
  • Inform the police of any vehicles that were involved and their description.
  • Providing a name and call back number helps the police.
  • Provide police with a physical description of the subject; scars, facial hair, and tattoos help identify subjects.
  • Provide police with a detailed clothing description of what the subject was wearing, such as a red shirt, blue baseball cap, and white tennis shoes.
  • Provide police with how many subjects were involved and gender or race.
  • Stay on the telephone as long as possible with the police.
  • Vehicle descriptions are very important; license plate numbers, make of vehicle, color, condition of the vehicle, and any bumper stickers or distinguishing items on the vehicle.
  • When reporting a crime or suspicious activities, get directly to what you observed.

To report a crime or suspicious activities, call 765-642-0221.